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Monday 15 September 2008

Doo Dob Sha Bam - A Rhythm & Blues Dance Party

One of my favourite rock ‘n’ roll blogs is Rocker Stomp where you can find not only music but features on all aspects of the rockin’ scene in Spain – cars, clothes, gals and festivals. The music on the blog is in the form of compilations put together by DJs and guest compilers and it covers the gamut of rockin’ music including rockabilly, doowop, rhythm ‘n’ blues and instrumental rock ‘n’ roll. So you can imagine I was very flattered to be invited to put together a compilation for Rocker Stomp.

What I’ve come up with is a whole mess of 1950’s R&B put together with dancers in mind. Most of the artists and tracks on the comp are well known to long time R&B fans, but there are a few rarities thrown in. If you’re fairly new to this kind of music then this is an ideal intro to real rockin’ rhythm ‘n’ blues. If you’ve already got most of these tracks download anyway and enjoy the program! Thanks to Javi at Rockerstomp for the covers.

Bitrates are between 224 and 320 kbps. No password.

Download from here:

Or here:

Go to Rocker Stomp here:


1. Rock & Roll - Red Prysock
2. Big Fat Mama - Chuck Higgins
3. Doo Dob Sha Bam - The Spence Sisters
4. Teardrops From My Eyes - Ruth Brown
5. Drive It Home - The Clovers
6. Hey Little Girl - The Larks
7. Camel Walk - T.J. Fowler
8. Slow Walk - Sil Austin
9. It's Love Baby (24 Hours a Day) - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters
10. Oh Babe! – Lucky Millinder with Wynonie Harris
11. Love Don't Love Nobody - Roy Brown
12. Cry Hard Luck - Jimmy Nelson
13. Nervous Man Nervous - Big Jay McNeely
14. Jam Up - Tommy Ridgley
15. Early Morning Blues - Haji Baba & His Arabian Knights
16. Laundromat Blues - The "5" Royales
17. Little Side Car - The Larks
18. Back Biter - T.J. Fowler
19. Walk That Walk - Eddie Bo
20. Jockomo - James "Sugarboy" Crawford
21. Be-Bop Wino - The Lamplighters
22. Wango Blues - Preston Love
23. Driving Home, Part 1 - Paul Gayten
24. Driving Home, Part 2 - Paul Gayten
25. Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris
26. Butcher Boy - Mr Sad Head
27. Down Boy Down - Wynonie Harris
28. Flip Flop and Fly - Big Joe Turner


Anonymous said...

This is a very fine site, one of the very best, and this is a very fine post. One of the best aspects of the posts here (as opposed to rockerstomp) is the full discography! Without that - where should I look for more of the same? Or decide whether it's a duplicate of something I already have? Keep up the good work - and if you could post some discographical information on this comp, I'd be gladder!

Anonymous said...

How can you go wrong, when kicking off with one of the all-time greatest "radio show theme songs"!

(Tips de bop hat to ol' Steve-O...!)

-Boppin Brian

Freelance said...

Great stuff--- thanks!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the great r'n'b stuff you posted on this site. please, will you post any kind of anthology of the king-federal recordings in volumes.
slob from b&h

jason z said...

are you kidding me? this compilation is AMAZING. i'm through track 20 and not a bad one in the bunch. you are my hero.

Anonymous said...

Sir! Your collection is not only musically great but also constructed in perfect way. Some of the Rocker Stomp collections doesn´t fit so well with itunes (information is messed, songs are in disorder etc).

Thanks for the hard work!


Mihaleez said...

Man, this blog f***in' RULES! Fantastic comp! The best post here since Jubilee Records doo wop platters! I wish 2 things: 1. To post in the near future a compilation that i'm lookin' for ages, "Mule,Milk & Firewater" and 2. When you found the time, to write an article on my zine 'bout those "Rumble","Boppin'","Paragons Meet the Jesters" comps. You're an ACE man! Keep the rocks rollin'!


xulio said...

Muchas gracias