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Monday, 5 January 2009

Joan Selects Volume 9 - Yet More Girls ...Girls ... Girls

It’s back by popular demand – the series that is rapidly nearing immortality. From piles of well worn vinyl (and the occasional shellac disc), Joan brings us a selection of the finest rhythm and blues / rock and roll vocalising. This is the third Joan Selects compilation to have the theme of girls’ names, but there is certainly no drop in quality. In fact if anything the sounds just keep getting better. Ronnie and the Hi-Lights deserve a special mention for their over-the-top sobbing and wailing on “Valerie”, but really every track is excellent on this selection. And of course there’s a heap of label scans to delight the eye. Thanks Joan!

Mostly ripped at 128 kbps, with a couple of 320s thrown in.

Download from here:

01 - The El Venos - Geraldine - Groove 0170
02 - Little Sunny Day and the Clouds - Lou Ann - Tandem 7001
03 - The Jesters - Sally Green - Winley 542
04 - The Ebb Tides - Franny, Franny - Acme 720
05 - The Embers - Abagail - Empress 107
06 - The Cadillacs - Lucy - Josie 821
07 - The Spinners - Marvella - Rhythm 125
08 - The Chimes - Zindy Lou - Specialty 555
09 - The Four Blazes - Mary Jo - United 114
10 - The Five Campbells - Morrine - Music City 794
11 - The Hollywood Flames - Peggy - Decca 29248
12- The Reveres - Leonore - Glory 742
13 - The Crowns - Oh-Rooba-Lee - Specialty 573
14 - The Heartbreakers - Wanda - RCA Victor 47-4327
15 - The Coronets - Corbella -
16 - The Dreams - Darlene - Savoy 1130
17 - The Hi-Fives - Dorothy - Decca 30657
18 - The Five Chimes - Rosemary - Betta 2011
19 - Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns - Gloria - Specialty 573
20 - The Desires - Hey Lena - Hull 730
21 - The Wrens - Betty Jean - Rama 175
22 - Ronnie and the Hi-Lights - Valerie - Raven 8000
23 - The Empires - Linda - Whirlin' Disc 104
24 - The Turks - Emily - Money 211
25 - The Versatones - Bila - All Star 501
26 - The Calvanes - Flee Oo Wee - Dootone Unreleased
27 - The Schoolboys - Carol - Okeh 7090
28 - The Marcels - Betty Lou - Jody 123
29 - The Vocaltones - Wanna Lee - Juanita 100
30 - The Passions - Gloria - Audicon 106

And now for an interesting sidelight from Joan on the first and last labelshots:

You'll note the stamp on the label for the Arthur Lee Maye and the Crowns Specialty 45 - it says "Big John Records" - A legendary record shop which was located in the Combat Zone on Washington Street in Boston Massachusetts, and was most times staffed by Big John and Little Walter whose combined record knowledge was extraordinary. Little Walter later went on to produce many of the outstanding collectors editions of cds and albums and continues to do so to this very day. Little Walter also hosted a series of late night Doo Wop and R&B oldies shows over the airwaves of Boston Mass, over WTBS, then WMBR, and WBCN. It was Little Walter who gave me my start in collecting Doo Wop and R&B back a lot of years ago. I still have a lot of the 45's I bought at the "Big John Records" store.


Mike said...

I remember Big John's (and Little Walter on the radio) well. And after that shop closed it's place was taken by Cheapo's Records in Central Square in Cambridge with some of the same workers. I visited Cambridge back around Thanksgiving (in Florida now) and was saddened to not find Cheapo's.....only to discover it was across and down the street (Mass. Ave.) from where it used to be.

Anonymous said...

Big John looks like Dan Blocker (Hoss Cartwright) from Bonanza.

The Hound said...

Does anybody out there know if the Versatones of Bila/Tight Skirts on Fenway is the same group who had an LP out on RCA? I used to have the LP and at the time I thought it was pretty lame and got rid of it.
The Fenway 45 is killer, both sides, I noticed Joan lists her copy on being on All Star. Which label came first?
Anyone know anything about the group?

boogiewoody said...

Joan kindly sent in this info:

According to my research material the Versatones record: Bila / Tight Skirt and Sweater was originally issued in 1958 on All Star 501 then re-issued twice, the first time in 1960 on Fenway 7001 then again in 1963 on Atlantic 2211. My sources also indicate that this Versatones group didn't have any long playing albums.


Anonymous said...

Do you have an album by Jackie Brenston?

the jazzman said...

Thanks for all your efforts. I took a bunch.

rockin'n'rollin said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Boston props. Cheap-O records has moved down the street, and it's still a treasure trove!

I imagine you're a listener to "Backwoods" on WMBR? It's the ways we start our Saturdays right. - d.