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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas on Be Bop Wino

Looking north from Queen's Park, Glasgow, December 2010
Once again the annual state of festive disorganization on the part of your humble blog host has brought actual posting to a grinding halt. So there now appears the usual Christmas stream-of -consciousness panic post.

Winter sun, Queen's Park, Glasgow, December 2010

Be Bop Wino and friend
Glasgow, the home city of Be Bop Wino, currently resembles a frozen Arctic wasteland. The snow arrived a few weeks ago and temperatures have sunk to around minus ten which makes for the coldest December I can remember. I've put up a few pictures taken in the South Side's Queen's Park when the snow first arrived. It looks very Christmassy indeed.

At this time I like to repost Joan's great collection of Christmas doo wop. If you haven't already got it then here is the link:

And let's all listen to my favourite vocal group Christmas record:

Thanks to Joan for sound and sight

Merry Christmas everybody! May you enjoy a peaceful Yuletide.


brianbrora said...

Best wishes, and many thanks for all the great music you've posted.

anticredos said...

Merryments to your good self!

Don't like cities much but I always enjoy going to Glasgow!

all the best for 2011


Jake said...

Thanks for the music. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2011 to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from El Enmascadero Del Platter. Rock on!

jim said...

Merry Christmas from the States. And, thanks for sharing the great music.

niki said...

Merry Christmas from Spain.

iggy said...

From way out west in Oregon country to you in beautiful Glasgow, the very merriest of holiday greetings, with a special thanks for your kindness and generosity. Have a wonderful new year, too.


mrG said...

Have a crazy cool Christmas
but don't get knocked out! :)

Howdy said...

Boogie Woody And Joan Thanks for all your Awesome Work!! Christmas Cheer and a Prosperous New Year!

tanktop said...

Thank you Mr. Wino, & thank Joanie too! Gotta say, all your rockin' shares always make me feel like it's New Year's Eve!!!

Mikel J said...

Christmas Night I always give thanks for family, great friends and the many blessings. The music on your blog surely has enhanced my library. Thanks Boogie Woody & Joan.

Bill said...

And a Merry Doo Wop to you!

Anonymous said...

I just returned today. Hope you had a wonderful holiday, Boogie Woody! Many thanks to you and Joan for the doo wop Christmas tunes.