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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Gum Shoe - Sonny Thompson

This post is by way of a preview of the latest updated post - the Sonny Thompson LP "Cat on the Keys" which was originally posted back in September 2007. I have included new scans of the LP artwork, plus a folder of Joan's scans of Sonny Thompson EPs and singles. There has also been an extensive rewrite of the post which you can find here.

The featured track on this post, "Gum Shoe," was recorded in 1956 and features blistering sax work by King Curtis. For a resume of Sonny's career swing on over to "Cat on the Keys."

My thanks to Joan for the label scan of the original 45rpm release of  "Gum Shoe."

Listen to Sonny Thompson's "Gum Shoe" here:


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Boogie Woody! I can't wait to listen to this - love that "Cat on the Keys!"

Thanks ever so much!

jim said...

Great song. Thanks.

C. von Grumpy said...

Brilliant, many thanks!

Tof said...

Dave "Bubba" Brooks was just a killer, I met him once in Paris.

Can we have Slim Gaillard or Louis Jordan?