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Saturday, 24 December 2011

White Christmas - The Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter and Bill Pinckney


Christmas has crept up on Be Bop Wino again, so there is nothing for it but to repost my favourite vocal group festive track - thanks to Joan K.

And of course we can't let Christmas go without reposting the link to the most popular of the Joan Selects collections - the Christmas Special.

Download from here:
Password = greaseyspoon

My thanks to all of you - contributors, commenters, followers, readers and email correspondents. It's you folks who really keep this show on the road. More rhythm and bluesin' goodies are in the pipeline so here's hoping we can all keep rockin' through what remains of 2011 and right through 2012.

Have a Merry Christmas, all of you out there on the hepcat internet.


peterrocker said...

And MANY thanks to you & your blog.

It is the BEST version of White Christmas.


gilhodges said...

Just rocked my Joan Selects at the annual party. Have loved and played it every year since the original posting. Thank you for so much great music over the years.

Greg said...

Agreed, best version of White Christmas by a long shot. And the only Christmas record I know that sounds just as great in July.

Merry Christmas to you, Woody, and thank you for the wonderful blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for these doo-woppin' treats! Happy Holidays Boogiewoody, Joan K. and Enmascadero and all the best for the New Year! Marie