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Sunday, 11 August 2013

King Perry

Side One
1 Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket
2 Rocks In My Bed
3 Perry's Wiggle Boogie
4 Hold Your Gold
5 I Am The Blues – Duke Henderson
6 San Quentin Quail – Duke Henderson
7 18th & Vine Street Blues – Duke Henderson
8 Leona's Boogie – Duke Henderson

Side Two
1 Fat Mama
2 Pitching A Party
3 Wait Now
4 Going To California Blues
5 Christopher Columbus
6 Kilroy Was Here
7 Back To Kansas City
8 Things Ain't What They Used To Be

Be Bop Wino returns after a 3 month break. My apologies to those of you who kept visiting the blog in the hope of finding new posts only to find that updating had stopped in mid-May. Unfortunately real life prevented me from keeping the blog going but I’m now able to start posting again.

The next series of LP posts will be on the theme of 1940s / early 1950s jump blues bands. Jump blues is my favourite kind of R&B. Its origins lie in small group swing and the boogie woogie craze of the late 1930s. It forms a link between jazz, swing, and rhythm and blues, and was a big influence on early rock and roll.

We start our jumpin’ and jivin’ LP series with a disc I recently bought second hand over in the West End of Glasgow – a 1986 Krazy Kat LP of sides by Los Angeles based King Perry. This collection is drawn mainly from his period with Excelsior but it should be noted that he also recorded for Specialty, RPM and Dot. Included on the LP are four sides by blues shouter Duke Henderson with King Perry’s band providing backing.

King Perry was a fine vocalist in his own right with a style somewhat similar to that of Tiny Bradshaw. His bands were right, tight and outa sight and although they didn’t have big hits they’re well worth a listen. The sound quality is variable – the disc was scratched and required a bit of TLC. There are good sleeve notes by Australian DJ Professor Hi-Jinx, so there’s no need for me to write any more background info.
Here are the download links, no password required:
Listen Up!!

1 Keep A Dollar In Your Pocket (Los Angeles, 1948 - Excelsior 522)

2 Rocks In My Bed (Los Angeles, 1948 - Excelsior 522)

3 Perry's Wiggle Boogie (Los Angeles, 1948 - Excelsior 532)

4 Hold Your Gold (Los Angeles, 1948 - Excelsior 532)

5 I Am The Blues (Los Angeles 1947 - Excelsior 505)*

6 San Quentin Quail (Los Angeles 1947 - Excelsior 505)*

7 18th & Vine Street Blues (Los Angeles 1947 - Excelsior 507)*

8 Leona's Boogie (Los Angeles 1947 - Excelsior 507)*

9 Fat Mama (Los Angeles, 1948? - Excelsior 600)

10 Pitching A Party (Los Angeles 1954 - Hollywood 1030)

11 Wait Now (Los Angeles, 1948? - Excelsior 600, vocal - Chuck Norris)

12 Going To California Blues (Los Angeles 1949 - DeLuxe 3126)

13 Christopher Columbus (Los Angeles 1954 - Lucky 45-003)

14 Kilroy Was Here (Los Angeles 1947 - Excelsior 506)

15 Back To Kansas City (Los Angeles 1954 - Hollywood 1030)

16 Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Los Angeles 1954 - Lucky 45-003)

* Duke Henderson


Unknown said...

Thank you and welcome back.

enoch said...

So very glad you're back! It's been a long dryspell for the faithful, but now, all's right with the world.

Thanks for the King Perry LP. I believe I have a couple of these 45's around here somewhere. Can't wait to see what's next.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back. Lovin' King Perry!


jah dom said...

you described me! thanks for the music

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Nice to see back your excellent and informative blog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

It's so nice to see you back again, Boogiewoody!

All the best,

liam23 said...

many thanks, welcome back.

ralph11 said...

Nice to see you back Boogiewoody. Thanks for the Krazy Kat Lp. I was always impressed by the quality of the stuff they put out.
Thanks, Ralph11

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back - Is it really 27 years that it has been on my shelf !
I see that Rowfishermanrow has gone

Steve Turner said...

Many thanks for sharing this upbeat album. "Wait now" is my favorite track and "Fat Mama" is my most perplexing.
In the south "Little Mama is often your wife and "Big Mama" is a grandmother, but "Fat Mama", I'm not sure about that one.

boogiewoody said...

Many thanks for the kind comments on the return of Be Bop Wino, folks. There have been a few comments and emails re the demise of some other blogs. Let's just hope we can keep going in our little corner of the interweb.

Steve, I'm sure "Fat Mama" just refers to large ladies! The song was originally a hit for Lucky Millinder as "I Want A Big Fat Mama" and there was a good version by Roy Milton. And who can forget Bullmoose Jackson's "Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style"?

Keep jumpin' y'all!

Unknown said...

good to have you back. I like King Perry from the few songs I heard. This is what i need! Now if you can also do a special on Alexander Nelson - i only heard 4 songs of theirs and they were all good...they mix well with king Perry!

Unknown said...

this is great stuff! good to have your blog back! Now you're on to my favorite stuff! King Perry is witty and I mix him with Nelson Alexander Trio...any chance to doing a special on them? there's not much info I can dig up, and the 4 songs I have are always the most played! More jump!

Baron said...

Thanks for the Perry lp BWoody - good to see you back.

boogiewoody said...

Nelson Alexander? Yep there's a similarity in their shared humorous approach to music. See the post "Rock The Joint" for what little I knew of Nelson Alexander here:

King Perry and Nelson Alexander both recorded for Specialty and their sides can be found spread across the CDs "Specialty Legends of Jump Blues", "Specialty Legends of Boogie-Woogie" and Jumpin' and Jivin'". These collections were issued by Ace in the UK.

Unfortunately that's all the Nelson Alexander music I have, but since I wrote the post "Rock The Joint" more information has come to light on Nelson's later life thanks to an email from a family member. All will be revealed!

Paco's brother said...

Delighted to continue to follow you on the way of this magnificent music which you present us so well.
Thank you.

Den said...

Hey, Everybody!
I'm somewhat of a latecomer to the party, but I do remember Be Bop Wino from the past... great music and excellent commentary. Still kickin' after all the foreclosures of blogs and platforms... Like clubs in the "other side of the tracks" ... they come and go, and somehow, they keep on pleasing the people with the love of the music and popular culture that somehow, museums just don't quite get, and juke joints don't collect.
Anyway, re the King Perry... great stuff in the Jordan way, but some other solid senders and a real addition to my knowledge, since many of these cats and kitties, I ain't heard of. Now I'm hip, thanks 2U.
I gotta smile, '46 LA-based Perry on '86 Krazy Kat LP 2nd hand in West End Glasgow '13 or so, tellin' us to Hold Your Gold, let this inflation pass on by... DAMN!
And the fellow wonderin' about Big Fat Moma's ... hey, I'm wonderin' about San Quentin Quail... that's not in the mess hall, right?

Hey, thanks for the continued cultural contribution. Let's hope there's filesharing light at the end of the tunnel of love...


boogiewoody said...

Thanks again for the kind comments folks. Yes Den there are many words of wisdom beneath the hepcat surface of these 1940s swingers. San Quentin Quail? Hmmm ....

boogieman said...

Welcome back. I hadn't visited for a while but it's good to see you're still here. So many good blogs have been deleted recently but I guess that as long as we stick to obscure stuff of limited commercial interest we're probably safe.
Cheers from the Boogieman

Anonymous said...

Nice to see this superb blog again.
Love the stuff that you post and very informative.
Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Latecomer pleads for re-up.

Anonymous said...

Was just pleading for re-up, but no need; found at