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Friday, 3 October 2014

Juke Joint Jukebox

Side 1
1 Sonny Boy Williamson - Don't Start Me To Talkin'
2 John Lee Hooker - This Is Hip
3 Jimmy Reed - You Got Me Dizzy
4 Otis Rush - All Your Love
5 Elmore James - Sho Nuff I Do
6 Guitar Slim - The Things That I Used To Do
7 Little Junior Parker - Sweet Home Chicago
8 John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom

Side 2
1 Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man
2 Little Junior Parker - 5 Long Years
3 Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Hot Little Mama
4 Muddy Waters - I'm Ready
5 Pee Wee Crayton - Crayton's Blues
6 Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease
7 Elmore James - Elmo's Shuffle
8 Jimmy Rogers - Walkin' By Myself

All tracks ripped from vinyl at 320 mbps.

Download from here:

or here:

Now back before I discovered the joys of jump blues, I used to listen to the "real" blues, mainly electric guitar and harmonica driven blues from Chicago. Growing up in the UK in the 1960s, you couldn't help but hear the blues "second hand" via groups like The Stones, The Pretty Things, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and my favourite British blues group, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac.

It was thanks to a school pal, one Shuggy Cameron, that I first heard some of the original blues artists when round about 1970 he lent me 2 LPs - "Muddy Waters at Newport" and "Blues is King" by B.B. King. The awful results of that exchange of records (I lent him the debut albums of Steppenwolf  and Fleetwood Mac) are all too visible on this blog 44 years later. Shuggy probably went on to become a brain surgeon or airline pilot or some such while here I am half buried in a great heap of vinyl.

So here's a home made compilation of the kind of blues we don't have often enough on Be Bop Wino. All 1950s or even early 60s sides from Chess, VeeJay, RPM, Specialty and Duke, and mostly well known tracks. No extensive notes this time. Just download and groove to these stompers and swayers. I've decided to try the new Mega site as my slow broadband connection makes uploading to Zippyshare just about impossible. Hope the link works OK!


Frank Jive said...

Fabulous tracklist, Woodman! The downhome blues have still got me collared, 48 years later. . . .

boogiewoody said...

Thank goodness someone's commenting, Frank! I enjoyed going "back to the blues" for this post. Hope to do some more like this.