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Saturday 21 February 2015

Lester Young And His Tenor Sax Volume1 (re-up)

Today's re-up is another LP from the Aladdin "... and his Tenor Sax" series. Like the Illinois Jacquet and Lynn Hope albums, this LP originally appeared as a 10" LP in 1954, but this time around the 1956 reissue as a 12" LP was spread over 2 volumes. Back in July 2010 I "reconstructed" Volume 1 of "Lester Young and his Tenor Sax" by ripping the tracks from a couple of old second hand / charity shop vinyl compilations, so you still get that authentic click and hiss, although not from a reissue of the original LP!

The original 2010 post is here:

It contains a more detailed look at the various issues of this album, label and cover scans sent in by Joan K and other kindly people, and a full run down on the tracks - when, where and who, plus original release. All of the tracks were originally released as 78 rpm singles on Philo / Aladdin.

Your new download link is here:


1. D.B. Blues
2. Lester Blows Again
3. These Foolish Things
4. Jumpin' At Mesner's
5. It's Only A Paper Moon
6. After You've Gone
7. Lover Come Back To Me
8. Jammin' With Lester
9. You're Driving Me Crazy
10. New Lester Leaps In
11. She's Funny That Way
12. Lester's Be Bop Boogie
13. S.M. Blues

This is the running order of the original "Volume 1" album, but I'm not sure where the divide between Side 1 and Side 2 should be! Can anyone help?

1 comment:

bluemoonboy1956 said...

I believe the first track of side 2 is Lover Come Back To Me!