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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Joan Spins Again - Volume 4 (re-up)

 01 - The Kings - Come On Little Baby - 1958 - Jalo 203
 02 - The Sophomores - Every Night About This Time - 1956 - Dawn 216
 03 - The Cufflinks -  It's Too Late Now 1957  Dooto 422
 04 - The Dundees - Never - 1954  Space 201
 05 - The Carnations - Tree In The Meadow  1952 Derby 789
 06 - The Serenaders - Tomorrow Night  - 1952 JVB 2001  
 07 - The Delmonicos - Until You - 1964  Musictone 6122
 08 - The Tornadoes - 4 O'Clock In The Morning -  1956 - Chess 1649
 09 - The Five Scalders - Girl Friend - 1956 Drummond 4-3001
 10 - The Haven Knights - Why Go On Pretending - 1957 Atlas 1092
 11 - The Velvet Angels - I'm In Love - 1964 Medieval 201 (The Diablos, acapella)
 12 - The Roomates - Here Am I Broken Hearted - Unreleased
 13 - The Invictas - Nellie - 1959  Jack Bee 1003
 14 - The Tantones - I Love You Really I Do - 1956 Lamp 2002
 15 - The Marigolds - Juke Box Rock 'n' Roll - 1956 Excello 2091 
 16 - The Rogues - I've Been Dreamin - 1958 - Old Town 1056
 17 - The Masters - Crying My Heart Out - 1958 Le Sage 713
 18 - The Rannels -  Blue Island - 1963 Boss 2122

Please note - track 12 "Here Am I Broken Hearted" by The Roomates is in fact a modern recording by a doowop revival group. The original was by The Four J's out of Philly. You can access that excellent record by searching on YouTube. The Roomates version is acapella and I can see why Joan may have thought it was a demo. Very nice vocals by the Roomates! I'd thought of replacing it with the original but in the end I re-upped the comp as originally presented by Joan way back in 2012.

Your new download link is here:

Original post is here:

That brings us to the end of Joan's comps (for now!?). Thanks for this doowop education Joan. It was certainly an eye opener for me and I'm sure for many other people.

If you've been searching through old Be Bop Wino posts which feature the Divshare music widget you'll be aware that there have been playback problems for weeks now. Divshare have been very uncommunicative about the nature of the problems on their website. It appears that they may be moving towards a new "business model" and may also be suffering from self inflicted "technical issues." I am now investigating an alternative music widget service.

Like the way-going of Rapidshare, the Divshare problems have been a pretty heavy blow to Be Bop Wino. In particular, the many posts featuring the 78 rpm rips of El Enmascarado have been rendered "silent." If my trial of an alternative service proves successful, the Masked One's posts will be the first to be re-upped.

Lastly, my apologies for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks. I had to swot for my exams. I may have retired at the end of last August but I made the mad decision to go back to university to study German and Italian. You're never too old to learn!


Anonymous said...

Hi Boogiewoody,
I sent you an email, but in my rush I somehow missed the last paragraph of your post. I'm glad the Be Bop Wino is still planning to share his knowledge and tunes with us from time to time.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Joan Spins Again,Volume 4.....I missed them the first time...Excellent,great work,great ears.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the comments, folks!

Jeremiah said...

Many Thanks for completing the series, Woody. Great to have them all again.