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Friday, 26 February 2016

New York Blues Volume 1


Side 1
01. Shake Baby Shake - Champion Jack Dupree
02. Daisy - Brownie McGhee
03. Candied Yams - B. Brown
04. Drunk Again - Champion Jack Dupree
05. Doggin' My Heart Around - Sonny Terry
06. My Baby Left Me - B. Brown
07. Number Nine Blues - Champion Jack Dupree

Side 2
01. Harmonica Hop - Sonny Terry
02. Fannie Mae Is Back - B. Brown
03. Highway Blues - Champion Jack Dupree
04. Don't Dog Your Woman - Brownie McGhee
05. Stumbling Block Blues - Champion Jack Dupree
06. Hardworking Man - B. Brown
07. Shim Sham Shimmy - Champion Jack Dupree

Download link:

Good collection of sides from Bobby Robinson's NYC labels, mainly from 1953 sessions for his first label Red Robin, by Champion Jack Dupree, Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry. Also present are 4 early 1960s sides from the Vest label (owned by Bobby's brother Danny) by B. Brown and his Rockin' McVouts. It's all rousing stuff and there are good notes by Chris Smith on the back cover. Session and release details are also on the back cover so there's no need for me to add any more. Just download and dance!

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