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Sunday 27 March 2016

Big John Greer Is Back!


Side 1
01. Woman Is A Five Letter Word
02. Tell Me So
03. Got You On My Mind
04. Let Me Hold You
05. You Played On My Piano
06. Lonesome And Blue
07. I Need You
08. I'll Never Let You Go

Side 2
09. I'm The Fat Man
10. Beginning To Miss You
11. Rhythm In The Breeze
12. Drinkin' Fool
13. Getting Mighty Lonesome For You
14. Too Long
15. Come Back Maybelline
16. Night Crawlin'

Download from:

In answer to a request here is a new link to the 1980s Official LP "R&B In New York City" starring former Lucky Millinder vocalist and sax player Big John Greer.

The Lucky  Millinder Orchestra begat three spin off small jump groups which in their earliest incarnations consisted mostly of musicians from Lucky's band. In chronological order of breakaway these were the groups led by Tab Smith, Bullmoose Jackson and Big John Greer. There are already 2 Bullmoose Jackson LPs on the blog and Tab Smith will be back on the blog soon. In the meantime here's Big John Greer and you can find his story in this post:

As you can read in the above post, Big John continued to record occasionally with the Millinder outfit while starring with his own Rhythm Rockers group. Here are three sides he recorded with Millinder for King in 1950:

Let It Roll Again:

The Jumpin' Jack:

Clap Your Hands:

"Let It Roll Again" was released on King 4379 in August 1950, "The Jumpin' Jack" was released on King 4436 in March 1951, and "Clap Your Hands" was released on King 4398 in September 1950.

Billboard August 1950

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