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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Old King Gold Volume 7

Side One:
01. That's What You're Doing To Me - Billy Ward & The Dominoes
02. Don't Take It So Hard - Earl King
03. The Greasy Spoon - Hank Marr
04. Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong - Albert King
05. I Want A Bow Legged Woman - Bull Moose Jackson
06. It Won't Be This Way Always - The King Pins

Side Two:
01. Annie Had A Baby - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
02. Dearest - The Swallows
03. Mellow Blues (Part 1) - Sonny Thompson
04. Mellow Blues (Part 2) - Sonny Thompson
05. I'm Tore Up - Billy Gayles
06. Diamonds And Pearls - The Escos

or alternatively

As this LP was in such a dreadful condition I had to stage an intervention by finding alternative sources for a few of the tracks. So much for my hope of presenting the "Old King Gold" LP's just as they are, warts and all. In this case it simply wasn't possible due to the fact that the disc has a manufacturing fault, i.e. it isn't quite circular, and in addition it's warped. An unholy mess which means that the lead in to the tracks is right on the disc edge, a situation which has led to a mess of scratches on the first two tracks of the first side and the first track on the second side.

The last track, "Diamonds And Pearls," also proved to be problematic. No matter how many changes to settings I made on my computer and to my amp, I ended up with a murky mess consisting of a very loud and clear instrumental backing combined with a muffled vocal pushed way into the background. The only explanation I can think of is that the LP track may be in electronically rechaneled stereo which for some reason my Magix  software couldn't handle. I ended up ripping the track from YouTube.

The remaining eight tracks are from the original LP. Who knows what further sonic adventures await in the remaining volumes of "Old King Gold."


Anonymous said...

Hi BW,

If you need to replace some of these with more ear-friendly versions, email me. Maybe I can help with a few?

boogiewoody said...

Hi Marie - that's very kind of you. I replaced the 4 worst tracks as detailed in the post, but I've since discovered that I have a problem with my setup for digitizing vinyl. For some reason many tracks are coming out with the treble based rhythm instruments pushed to the front of the mix and the more bass orientated lead instruments pushed way back and sounding muffled. I'm not sure what's going on at the moment.

I knew there was something badly wrong with the Escos track and now I've found the same thing happening while digitizing Volume 4 - "September Song" by Earl Bostic and "Tenderly" by Lynn Hope sound really strange with the saxes pushed way back in the mix and getting drowned out by the rhythm - guitar, vibes and drums. In fact if you've listened to "The Greasy Spoon" on Volume 7 you can hear much the same thing happening.

The records sound OK when played on vinyl but the same tracks sound very different (and just wrong) when I play the WAV file back. At the moment I'm flummoxed. I'll have to sleep on it. Detective work required tomorrow.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, nice to get some more volumes in this interesting series.

Daddy Cool said...

See "" and stick "Rijnko" into Search - note the three entries. Serendipity or what?
May save you a bit of work.

boogiewoody said...

Hi Daddy Cool - I remembered that TZ used to have these and checked the old posts (from 2009). All the links were long dead (rapidshare, I think) so I decided to go ahead with my own nostalgia project. The TZ posts are of the Rare Bird European issues of Old King Gold, so it will be interesting to compare the sound quality between the issues.

If you've read my reply to Marie (Vintage Spins) above, you'll know that I'm having difficulty with ripping vinyl just now - I may have to suspend further ripping until I can work out what the cause is.


Leo Maier said...

awesome collection!!!
please, post more!!
thank you for the wonderful blog and work
Leo (Brazil)

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Leo. Sound problems are being fixed and there will be three more volumes appearing soon.


B_B said...

Thanksoverymuch for the MEGA ! Took just about ten seconds here to git this one!

“Brilliant!” (To sound like a small fry from some movie or book about Brit twits. . . er . . . wizards ?!)

Also, a (re-pete?!) big THANKS for the truck-load of Earl, the recent Bostic bash here at BBW.



OK, time to shaddup & enjoy some Old King Gold, before it gets too creepy.

Next up, maybe this Old King thing, if anyone has it?:

Complete with liner notes by a young Seymour Stein!:

boogiewoody said...

Ouch! BB, those puns just get worse. I don't have that "Flashbacks" LP but I noticed that a few of the tracks are on Old King Gold volumes, especially Volume 2 which is in preparation as I write this ... keep rhythm 'n' bloozin'!