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Monday 13 November 2017

Old King Gold Volume 11

Side One:
01. Move Me Baby - Jimmy Witherspoon
02. The Big Push - Cal Green
03. It Feels So Good - The Swallows
04. No Regrets - Little Willie John
05. I Know - Lula Reed
06. Rub A Little Boogie - Champion Jack Dupree

Side Two:
01. Let's Rock - Johnny Otis
02. Oh Miss Nellie - The Drivers
03. Nosey Joe - Bull Moose Jackson
04. Don't Leave Me This Way - Billy Ward & The Dominoes
05. Light Up Your Lamp - Willie Mabon
06. Must I Cry Again - Todd Rhodes & Lavern Baker

This is an unexpected addition to the Old King Gold series of posts. I am grateful to a generous donor for this set, which continues in much the same vein as the rest of the series. The usual eclectic mix of jump blues, proto soul, frantic rockers and weepy ballads. The sound quality on this one is good to very good so there are no skips, pops or clicks to interrupt your listening pleasure.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, between you and TZ I'm gathering all volumes in this series.

Rijnko said...

That was a nice surprise. Thanks very much
Rgds Rijnko

muddyw123 said...

Nice surprise!

ELtel said...

Thanks for No.vol 11

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Crab Devil

Abir Wait said...

This is a rare find for sure! Even Discogs does not have any info about Volume 11. The other volumes, mixed up, can be found on YouTube, but not this one. Thank you very much!

Rudolf Schmidt said...

I suspect this volume is a bootleg cobbled together by a fan rather than an official release from the same label that produced the first ten volumes.