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Monday 13 August 2018

Savage Kick Volume Ten

Side One:
01. Buggin' Baby - George Young
02. Walking Down Hill - Otis Hinton
03. The Grind - Stomp Gordon
04. She's Sumpin' Else - Dennis Binder
05. Mother Fuyer - Dirty Red
06. Do The Dive - Sugar And Sweet
07. Ivy League Clean - El Capris
08. Church Members Ball - Tabby Thomas

Side Two:
01. Blow Little Willie - Little Walkin' Willie
02. Johnny Rhythm - The Fairlanes
03. Strange Things Happening In The Dark - Joe "Mr G" August
04. Twistin' Beat - Phil Flowers
05. Woke Up This Morning - Chase Canfil
06. Rockin' Satellite - E. "Tiny" Watkins
07. You Got Me Goin' - The Sultans
08. Big Chief Hug-Um An' Kiss-Um - Jimmy Shaw


Savage Kick Volume Ten (Zippy)

I really have no explanation for this kind of thing. My sole LP from the "Savage Kick" series which you could find in the browsers of the more louche record shops many moons ago. There they were, right beside "Stompin'!" and "Desperate Rock 'n' Roll" and other comps of rare singles by artists you had often never heard of. The early volumes on the Savage Kick label were titled "Black Rock 'n' Roll" which is a fair enough description of the contents. Later, some of the Savage Kick collections appeared on CD, with 30 tracks on each disc. A lot of the tracks also turned up in a rough-as-a-badger's-arse double boxset (30 CDs in all) called "Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock 'n' Roll" on The International Music label.

Expect haphazard selection, variable sound quality and no background info. Guess that's why people bought these things in the first place. Oh yeah and the artwork defies description, as you can see.

A plea - can anyone tell me anything about tenor sax maniac Little Walkin' Willie, apart from the fact that 6 of his tracks appeared on the Official CD "Little Walkin' Willie Meets Jesse Allen"? Any further info would be most gratefully received.

Little Walkin' Willie

Fax on the Trax

01. Buggin' Baby - George Young - Fortune 524 - 1957.

02. Walking Down Hill - Otis Hinton - Timely 1003 - 1954.

03. The Grind - Stomp Gordon - Chess 1601 - 1955.

04. She's Sumpin' Else - Dennis Binder And His Rhythm And Blues All Stars - Cottonwood 101 - 1959.

05. Mother Fuyer - Dirty Red - Aladdin 194 - 1947.

06. Do The Dive - Sugar And Sweet - S.S.J. S200 - date unknown.

07. Ivy League Clean - El Capris - Paris 525 - 1958.

08. Church Members Ball - Tabby Thomas - Delta 416 - 1958.

09. Blow Little Willie - Little Walkin' Willie - Jaguar 3012 - 1955.

10. Johnny Rhythm - The Fairlanes - Lucky Seven 102 - 1959.

11. Strange Things Happening In The Dark - Joe "Mr G" August - Flip 1001 - 1955.

12. Twistin' Beat - Phil Flowers with The T.N.T. Tribble Combo - Domino 500 - 1962.

13. Woke Up This Morning - Chase Canfil - Dart 110 - 1959.

14. Rockin' Satellite - E. "Tiny" Watkins - Sandy 1009 - March 1958.

15. You Got Me Goin' - The Sultans - Tilt 782 - 1961.

16. Big Chief Hug-Um An' Kiss-Um - Jimmy Shaw - Concept C-1001 - 1959; reissued on Imperial X5603 in 1959.


enoch said...

Little Walkin' Willie is a bit of a mystery. He might have been Willie Hickerson who played with Frank Motley & His Motley Crew in The early 1950's and TNT Tribble for the Gotham, Josie & Specialty labels. That's the songwriter's name on the Jaguar label. But then, when one takes a look at the writer's credits for the later 45's released under his own name, the name Willie McMiller keeps popping up. Of course, it's entirely possible that Little Walkin' Willie is all of these people.

Clear as mud?


Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for this one BW. I checked my lists and have nothing in the "Savage Kick" series, so Vol 10 is the first for me. I do already have the Little Walkin' Willie Meets Jesse Allen album but don't know anything about him. As for the Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock & Roll series, I have 8 of the 30 and would really like to get copies of the remaining 22 one day. Thanks again, everything you share is much appreciated.

boogiewoody said...

Thank you for the pointers towards finding a solution to The Little Walkin' Willie Mystery, Enoch. I'll search around - but not too much, for the moving stylus having played, moves on! Someone, somewhere must know the answer.

I bought the Rhythm & Blues Goes Rock 'n' Roll box sets for a ridiculously low price online at least 10 years ago, perhaps longer. If you follow the link in the post you can see the complete tracklist. I assume it's been corrected as some of the tracks were wrongly listed on the original CD cases. There seems to be whole sequences of tracks lifted from Savage Kick. A case of the bootleggers being bootlegged? No plans at the moment to convert any to mp3, but if I do, I'll let you know Bob.


boogiewoody said...

Hold The Front Page!

Enoch, it looks like you were on the mark! Bruyninckx has an entry on Little Walkin' Willie which says his real name was William Hickerson. 2 singles for Jaguar are listed, credited to Little Walkin' Willie & His Swinging Bluesmen. Jaguar 3012 and 3015, recorded in March 1955.

Another single for R.S.V.P. recorded in 1962 and released as R.S.V.P. 113 and Webcor 102 is also listed.

He also appears in a Bruyninckx entry on T.N.T. Tribble as Little Walkin' Willie Hickerson(baritone sax)playing with Frank Motley's group on a Gotham session in 1952.

I don't think Bruyninckx has listed all of the singles on the Jesse Allen / Little Walkin' Willie CD, so a little further digging may be required.


enoch said...

Add to the foregoing singles listed by Woody, a 1965 Walkin' Willie release on Bobby & Danny Robinson's Everlast label (Cat. No. 5031), "Did You Hear What I Say"/"Do You Still Love Me". This 45 would seem to be his last release(under the "Walkin' Willie" name. he may have played on sessions after this release for other artists.

Additionally, the RSVP release seems to be a straight reissue of the Webcor record. Webcor put the record out in 1961. RSVP probably picked it up for Nat'l distribution and re-released it in the beginning of 1962.


boogiewoody said...

Jaguar singles -

3012 - Clayhouse Blues / Blow Little Willie - April 1955

3015 - Heart Attack / Gotta Gotta Get Cha - ? 1955

3017 - Easy Does It / Don't Holler Baby - October (?) 1955

All singles by Little "Walkin" Willie And His Swinging Blues Men.

Unknown said...

E. Tiny Watson released c. March 1958.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Unknown. Info now included in the post.