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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Rock'n Roll Dance Party Volume One

Side One:
01. Come Back Baby - Harvey Davis
02. They Just Rock 'n' Rolling - V. & B.B.
03. Am I The Man - Bobby Lester
04. Washed Up - George Cromwell
05. You Know Baby - The Meloaires
06. Believe It Or Not - Donnie Elbert
07. Feelin' Alright - Larry Dale
08. If It's The Last Thing I Do - Frankie Marshall

Side Two:
01. Downtown Twist - Bob Carter
02. Rock 'n' Roll Jungle - Joe Benson
03. A Fool In Love - Marie Adams
04. You're The One - Sticks Herman
05. Yeah Baby - Stella Johnson
06. Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours - Chris Tyler
07. Crazy Beat - Dr. Horse
08. I Was A Fool For Leaving - Vicky Nelson

Thanks to Billy K who bought the LP on eBay and then ripped it and scanned the artwork, we can now all enjoy Volume One of the Rock'n Roll Dance Party series. And what a stonkingly great volume it is! As usual I've had a dig around the internet (mainly to find the original release info on these wild, wild tracks. One track has got me beat - "You're The One" by Sticks Herman. I presume this is the same Sticks Herman who had releases on Goldband and its subsidiary Tic Toc. A few of his tracks can be found on YouTube, but "You're The One" sounds quite different from those efforts. If anyone has any info, please pass it on.

Billy K's rip is of excellent quality and is at a higher volume than I usually use, so be prepared for a loud listening experience. In the info section below I've included a couple of links to where there is additional information on the artists on the recordings. The info section features the titles and artists as billed on the original releases on single, so there is some variation when compared with the LP track list.

Groovetastic Track Info:

01. Come Back Baby - Harvey Davis - Cindy C-3011 - October 1958

02. They Just Rocking and Rolling - V. & B.B. - J & S Records - August 1958

03. Am I The Man - Bobby Lester - Checker 921 - April 1959

04. Washed Up - George Cromwell - Brunswick 9-55131 - May 1959

05. You Know Baby - The Meloaires - Nasco 45-6019 - September 1958

06. Believe It Or Not - Donnie Elbert - DeLuxe 45-6143 - July 1957

07. Feelin' All Right - Larry Dale - Herald H-463 - October 1955

08. If It's The Last Thing I Do - Frankie Marshall - Atco 45-6061 - January 1956

09. Downtown Twist - Bob Carter - Den Records 45-11229 - May 1962

10. Rock And Roll Jungle - Joe Benson - DeLuxe 45-6146 - ? 1957

11. A Fool In Love - Marie Adams (Johnny Otis and His Orchestra) - Capitol F4108 - December 1958

12. You're The One - Sticks Herman - nope, got me beat

13. Yeah Baby - Stella Johnson - KRC 304-45 - 1958

14. Five, Ten, Fifteen Hours - Chris Tyler - Kim 101 - March 1960

15. Crazy Beat - Al (Dr. Horse) Pittman w The Musical Jockeys - Clown 3008 - September 1962

16. I Was A Fool For Leaving - Vicky Nelson featuring Sam Taylor on saxophone - Vik 4X-0273 - April 1957

With many thanks to Billy K.


Bob Mac said...

Welcome back BW, and many thanks to you & Billy K. for Vol 1...only the other week some of us were saying we couldn't find Vol 1, and here it is...wonderful service.

richsoul said...

thank you awakening all who happen to stop by. Thank you for allowing us to look into the past and appreciate these artists. Thank you.

enoch said...

"Sticks" Herman's real name was Herman Guidry (or, as sometimes listed, J. Herman Guidry) He reportedly recorded 15 sides for Eddie shuler but only 8 were released at the time. The tracks released on the "Recorded In Hollywood" label were distribution deals. My guess is the track you're looking for was one of the unreleased sides. The only info on personnel that I can add to this artist is that Sticks Herman's brother, Louis Herman, was a tenor Saxophone player who had been on some other Sticks Herman and Goldband label sessions and it might be Louis on Tenor, although I have no actual proof of this.


boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the information Enoch. Sticks Herman is in the Bruyninckx discography. It lists an undated, unissued session for Goldband but "You're The One" isn't among the titles. The mystery continues ...

Thanks to Bob Mac and richsoul for your comments too.


Bob Mac said...

BW: I also had a scout around yesterday for info on Sticks Herman, he's listed in The Blues Discography 1943-1970 - Les Fancourt & Bob McGrath, but the track in question isn't there. After listening to "You're The One" and several of the tracks on YT I'd say they are the same artist. Perhaps "You're The One" is mistitled, we would need to hear every available track to rule that out.

Billy K said...

My pleasure to give a little back after all the years of great music here at BeBop Wino. Thanks, BW!

boogiewoody said...

Yes Bob - the possibility of misstitling occurred to me too, but there are only a limited number of Sticks Herman tracks on YouTube and Spotify. The truth is out there somewhere ...