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Friday, 8 March 2019

Joan's 78s Volume 2 - I Got Loaded

Record 1 - Apollo 443
01. Baby, Don't Do It - The 5 Royales
02. Take All Of Me - The 5 Royales

Record 2 - King 4415
03. Put It Back - Wynonie Harris
04. Triflin' Woman - Wynonie Harris

Record 3 - Ultra 101
05. Groove Juice - Preston Love And His Orchestra
06. If You Ever Get Lonesome - Preston Love And His Orchestra

Record 4 - Atlantic 972
07. She Rocks - The Cardinals
08. The Bump - The Cardinals

Record 5 - Meteor 5016
09. Dumb Woman Blues - J.T. (Big Boy) Brown
10. Sax-Ony Boogie - Sax Man Brown

Record 6 - Trumpet 187
11. Strange Kind Of Feeling - Tiny Kennedy
12. Early In The Morning, Baby - Tiny Kennedy

Record 7 - Modern 1000
13. Dancin' Dan - The Cadets
14. I Got Loaded - The Cadets

OK rhythm fans, you got it. Back by popular demand, more shellac shenanigans, more lo-fi high jinks, yes, the return of Joan's 78s. Another 7 discs carefully selected from Joan's old low bitrate transfers from 78 rpm records and run through Magix Audio Cleaning Lab by myself in an effort to boost volume, suppress hiss and eliminate clicks and crackling. All while trying to avoid distortion. I'll get the hang of it someday.

So download and enjoy the gospel style vocal group hollering of The "5" Royales, a Wynonie Harris disc that hasn't turned up on all that many compilations, a Preston Love offering that doesn't have Preston Love on it, fantastic and occasionally chaotic bumping, rocking and rolling from The Cardinals, sax stylings from J.T. Brown backed by the Elmore James band, Tiny Kennedy's original Trumpet version of "Strange Kind Of Feeling" recorded at Sam Phillips' Memphis studio, and a couple of "covers" by The Cadets - a cleaned up version of "Sixty Minute Man" and a rather good version of Peppermint Harris's "I Got Loaded."

The story of Preston Love's "Groove Juice" is told by Tony Collins in his notes to the Ace CD "Creepin' With The Cats - The Legendary Dig Masters Volume One." This track and other "Preston Love" sides on Ultra and Dig were recorded in L.A. by the Johnny Otis band without Preston who was in Omaha at the time. Ultra was owned by the Mesner Brothers and Johnny Otis but after 5 releases it became Dig.

Anyway enough from me. Open up this latest 78 rpm album, crank up the turntable, and put the needle onto these big ten inchers. By the way Joan approves of this selection.

Big Ten Inch Fax

Apollo 443 - The "5" Royales with Charlie Ferguson, His Tenor and Orchestra - Baby Don't Do It / Take All Of Me - released December 1952.

King 4415 - Wynonie Harris - Triflin' Woman / Put It Back - released January 1951.

Ultra 101 - Preston Love and His Orchestra - Groove Juice / If You Ever Get Lonesome (vocal - Roy "Happy" Easter) - released February 1956.

Atlantic 972 - The Cardinals - She Rocks / The Bump - released August 1952.

Meteor 5016 - Sax Man Brown, Elmo James Broom Dusters - Sax-Ony Boogie / Dumb Woman Blues (as J.T. (Big Boy) Brown on Dumb Woman Blues) - released September 1954.

Trumpet 187 - Tiny Kennedy - Strange Kind Of Feeling / Early In The Morning, Baby - released December 1952.

Modern 1000 - The Cadets - Dancin' Dan / I Got Loaded - released September 1956.

Issue information from,, Billboard, and The Cash Box. Label pics from and various record sales sites.

On the front cover, from left to right: Tiny Kennedy, Wynonie Harris, The "5" Royales.


Beemer said...

Thanks very much for these gems; your hard work is much appreciated.

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks BW & Joan, always nice to get copies of these rare recordings.

Anonymous said...

Hi Woody thanks for these. On the zippy link I am getting 403 forbidden (but the Mega link is fine thanks).

Cheers Marlon

enoch said...

Many Thanks for Vol. 2. Glad to see this series continue.

boogiewoody said...

Looks like Zippyshare is down folks. I enjoed doing this comp and many thanks to Jon for these files. There may be a Volume 3 in the near future.


Chi-Town said...

Excellent!! Thanks BW & Joan K.

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded Joan K.'s VOL 1 & 2 of her 78s,
that You BW have recently posted.
I would like to thank of those marvellous sets
and also for that West Coast album, (among the others).

Zippyshare seems to work perfectly for me,
(I use Firefox as my browser).
I don't like so much that Mega, but of course
can understand also those who prefer that system.
It comes down to tastes. So both are ok, I suppose.
I humbly ask; please keep Zippyshare possibility
available within your posts, BW, also in future.

The only difficulty lately has been the ocassional
impossibility to reach the catchpa. That's the reason
sometimes if comments are rare, I believe.
So please don't worry, this blog is appreciated.
- Jay from the north.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Jay. The Zippyshare problem seems to be confined to people in the United Kingdom, judging by what I've read in the comments on other blogs. I can't access Zippy with Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge. It looks like the solution is to use a VPN to get round the United Kingdom problem.

If this situation continues I will either have to abandon Zippyshare or tutor myself on how to use a VPN.


boogiewoody said...

Last night I installed the Touch VPN extension on Firefox and I can now access Zippy again - via Germany. Zippy is still blocked in the UK today, so if you are a UK Firefox user and wish to continue to download from Zippy I recommend using Touch VPN - it's quite simple to install and use.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Took your advice & installed Touch VPN via Firefox Add-On. It's really good. Unlike other VPN's i've tried that state 'unrestricted' and aren't, Touch is, also no sign up, no email. Love it! I haven't used Zippy for many months too much crapware with it, so thanks for the Mega link.Finaly, on Savage Kick 2, there's a great track by Bumps Blackwell, Sumpin' Jumpin'. Would you know if the sax is Plas Johnson.It's got such a really great nasty groove on it.Thanks for the time and effort, Cheers, Cove

boogiewoody said...

Hi Anonymous - yeah, Touch VPN has been hassle free for me and let's me access zippy when I need to. Sorry I've been unable to find out who plays sax on Bumps Blackwell's "Sumpin' Jumpin'" but perhaps one of the blog readers could help?


Man from Mordor said...

Thanks for everything Joan, she sure has a stack of biscuits.