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Monday 9 December 2019

Chuck Berry - St. Louis To Liverpool (Chess LP 1488)

Side 1:
01) Little Marie
02) Our Little Rendezvous
03) No Particular Place To Go
04) You Two
05) Promise Land
06) You Never Can Tell

Side 2:
01) Go Bobby Soxer
02) Things I Used To Do
03) Liverpool Drive
04) Night Beat
05) Merry Christmas Baby
06) Brenda Lee

1984 European reissue of a Chuck Berry LP which was originally issued in November 1964. After his release from the hoosegow in October 1963, Chuck found that thanks to covers of his hits by The Beatles ("Roll Over Beethoven") and The Rolling Stones ("Come On") and also a near-as-dammit Berry number by The Beach Boys ("Surfin' USA"), he was just as popular as he was before his run in with the law.

Of the tracks on this LP, two were top twenty hits on the Billboard pop chart - "No Particular Place To Go" peaked at number 10 in June 1964 and "You Never Can Tell" made it to number 14 in August 1964. "Promised Land" and "Little Marie" also made the Billboard Hot 100 and there was another top 40 hit for Chuck not included on this LP - "Nadine (Is That You?)" which reached number 23 in April 1964.

Chuck also enjoyed chart success in the UK. "Nadine" entered the UK charts twice in February and April 1964, peaking at number 27, while "No Particular Place To Go" was a big hit, reaching number 3 in May 1964 with its follow-up "You Never Can Tell" reaching number 23 in August 1964 and "Promised Land" peaking at number 26 in January 1965.

This post is the first on the blog to feature mp3s which were ripped by connecting my turntable directly to my laptop via USB, instead of ripping via my amp. I could have picked a better LP to start the new method as "Little Marie" has a weird double tracked vocal and the tracks are a mixture of genuine stereo and electronically rechannelled stereo. However, musically this album is the bees' knees, with "No Particular Place to Go," "You Never Can Tell" and "Promised Land" all deserving their place among Chuck's classic tracks. The rest of this album isn't too shabby either.


Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

boogiewoody said...

Many thanks for this link. I followed it, downloaded the pdf, and reached the top page of the site here -

- A Collector's Guide To The Music Of Chuck Berry. Well worth a look, folks.