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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Rhythm And Blues Hit Vocal Groups (Authentic / Dooto LP 501)

Side 1:
01) Speedin' - The Medallions
02) The Telegram - The Medallions
03) My Pretty Baby - The Medallions
04) Did You Have Fun - The Medallions
05) Coupe De Ville Baby - The Medallions
06) Mary Lou - The Medallions

Side 2:
01) Be Mine Or Be A Fool - The Penguins
02) So Tough - The Cufflinx
03) It's Too Late Now - The Cufflinx
04) House Cat - The Romancers
05) Let Me Cry - Willie Headen & The Birds
06) I Love You Bobby Sox - Willie Headen & The Birds

Thanks to Marv for reconstructing this third LP collection of Dootone vocal group sounds. Get the first two back in the blog - The Best Vocal Groups Of Rhythm And Blues and The Best Vocal Groups In Rock'n' Roll.

This LP was first released in 1958 on Authentic which was a short lived subsidiary label of Dootone / Dooto which released some singles and a few budget priced LPs. This LP was later reissued on parent label Dooto. If you like that real greasy West Coast R&B sound like I do then you'll find this collection to be right up your alley. Doo Wop wailin' plus Willie Headen - great stuff!

Original Single Issues

The Medallions:

The Telegram / Coup De Ville Baby - Dootone 357 - July 1954

Edna / Speedin' - Dootone 364 - May 1955

My Pretty Baby / I'll Never Love Again - Dootone 373 - October 1955

Did You Have Fun / My Mary Lou - Dootone 407 - October 1956 (Vernon Green And The Medallions)

The Penguins:

Be Mine Or Be A Fool / Don't Do It - Mercury 70610 - April 1955. Was a previously unissued Dootone take unearthed for this LP? It sounds like the Mercury release on this reconstructed LP post. Only buyers of the original LP will know for sure!

The Cufflinx:

It's Too Late Now / The Saxaphone (sic) Rag (instr.) - Dooto 422 - August 1957 (The Cuff Links)

So Tough / My Love Is With You - Dooto 433 - January 1958

The Romancers:

I Still Remember  / House Cat - Dootone 381 - January 1956

Willie Headen & The Birds:

I Love You Bobby Sox / Stop Drinking - Dootone 1203 - May 1954 (Willie Headen)

Let Me Cry / The Skinny Woman Story - Authentic AU 410 also Dooto AU 410 - January 1957 (Willie Headen And The Five Birds)
Discographical info mainly from Marv Goldberg's site plus The Cash Box.

Your Marv Goldberg links for the lowdown on some of these groups:

The Medallions:

The Penguins:

The Cufflinx:

With thanks to Marv (who is not Marv Goldberg!) for sending this collection.

For much more of that West Coast R&B vocal group sound, purchase Ace CD collections of Dootone, Modern, Combo and John Dolphin label sides!


Anonymous said...

As always, thank you! I clicked "I Dig It!" before listening because I know I'm gonna.

"Stone As Well As Curlicue Music" will never die .. and neither will such bizarre translations on certain other blogs.

Bob Mac said...

Big thanks for this BW, plus The Fabulous Guitar Of Bill Jennings, both are most welcomed additions to my R&B collection.

Chi-Town said...

Thanks BW and "the other Marv". Great sounding album!