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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The 5 Satins Sing (Ember ELP 100)

Side One:
01) I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night)
02) Our Anniversary
03) Wish I Had My Baby
04) Wonderful Girl
05) Sugar
06) I'll Get Along
07) Again

Side Two:
01) To The Aisle
02) Pretty Baby
03) Our Love Is Forever
04) Oh Happy Day
05) Jones Girl
06) Weeping Willow
07) Moonlight & I

Here's another contribution from Marv -the first ever LP released by Ember (a co-label of Herald) in December 1957, and not surprisingly it's a collection of their best selling vocal group of the time, The Five Satins, whose "I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Night)" was not only a big R&B hit but also a pop hit in the late summer / early autumn of 1956. A year later the group had another major R&B / pop hit with "To The Aisle."

The LP contains both sides of the first five singles by The Five Satins on Ember plus four additional sides to give what was then a whopping 14 tracks. Plenty of bang for your buck! Some of the tracks have a very professional production while others have what may be called a rather more primitive sound. I prefer the el primitivo approach!

There's no Unca Marvy link for the background on this particular vocal group but here's a couple of links for you to peruse -

Original Single Issues:

In The Still Of The Nite / The Jones Girl - Standord XEP-200 - April 1956. The disc was leased to Ember / Herald for national distribution and issued in June 1956 as "I'll Remember (In The Still Of The Nite)" / "The Jones Girl" (Ember E-1005). Subsequent Ember repressings reverted to the Standord title "In The Still Of The Nite."

Wonderful Girl / Weeping Willow - Ember E-1008 - October 1956

Oh Happy Day / Our Love Is Forever - Ember E-1014 - March 1957

To The Aisle / Wish I Had My Baby - Ember E-1019 - June 1957

Our Anniversary / Pretty Baby (That's Why I Sing) - Ember E-1025 - October 1957

Sugar; I'll Get Along; Again; Moonlight & I - first released on this LP, December 1957.

Thanks again, Marv.


Chi-Town said...

Thanks BW & Marv. Awesome doo-wop group and album....

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks BW.

Apesville said...

Check out my work on Savoy Here

Enjiy Dean

boogiewoody said...

Hi Dean - sorry about delay in getting your comment up - for some reason it arrived in my spam folder!


Tony aka Pismotality said...

BW, thanks again to you and The Other Marv for another doo wop album. Always good to hear these group in manageable LP form - when it's a CD's worth it's harder to take in. By the way Fred Parris is one of those featured on the new doo wop documentary Streetlight Harmonies, which I've recently blogged about.

george said...

Many thanks!