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Thursday 22 November 2007

Big Jay McNeely - Big "J" In 3-D (King LP 650)

The Big Jay saga continues with this album (originally released in 1956 as Federal 395) of 12 of his sides recorded for Federal from August 1952 to April 1954. "The Goof", "3D" and "Nervous Man Nervous" are among the wildest tracks he ever recorded. "Mule Milk" is almost as wild but has crowd noises overdubbed in attempt to recreate the crazed atmosphere of Big Jay's live concerts.

By the time this album was released, Big Jay had been away from Federal for one and a half years, had recorded briefly for Veejay in 1955 and had laid down a complete session at Atlantic which was never released. Tastes in R&B and Rock'n'Roll were changing. Sax fans now preferred the smoother stylings of Earl Bostic, and the teenage audience who had made up so much of Big Jay's fan base were turning to vocal groups such as The Penguins, The Clovers, The Drifters and The Platters. Our hero's career appeared to be taking a nosedive. Could he survive or was he doomed to be yesterday's news like Wynonie Harris, Amos Milburn, Roy Milton and so many other one-time R&B heroes?

I have included the album art from both the CD and the Sing 1980s reissue vinyl LP. The front cover for the CD is a repro of the original 1956 vinyl release. The front cover for the 1988 Sing vinyl LP differs from the original. The back cover for the CD has a tracklist and no notes. The back cover of the Sing LP reproduces the original liner notes (which amazingly try to sell Big Jay as a jazz musician) and adds a tracklist, session details and a photograph. In other words if you're burning a CD copy for your collection, it's best to use the CD front cover and the LP back cover.

Ripped from vinyl at 320kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download link:

1. The Goof
2. Ice Water
3. Big Jay Shuffle
4. Rock Candy
5. Whipped Cream
6. Hot Cinders
7. 3-D
8. Hardtack
9. Nervous Man Nervous
10. Mule Milk
11. Let's Work
12. Beachcomber


alex said...

I have this LP..anyone intersted?

Baron said...

Cheers BWoody