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Saturday, 24 November 2007

The King Cole Trio - Trio Days

Early Nat “King” Cole Trio sides recorded for Decca in late 1940 and early 1941. The line up is Nat “King” Cole – piano and lead vocals, Oscar Moore – guitar and ensemble vocals, Wesley Prince – bass and ensemble vocals.

These are mostly jazzy, jivey numbers with plenty of instrumentals, ensemble vocals and hepcat lyrics. The early version of “Sweet Lorraine” hints at the future career of Cole as a peerless ballad singer.

This was a 1984 LP in the Charly jazz subsidiary Affinity’s “Big Band Bounce & Boogie” series although what this album has to do with big bands (or boogie) defeats me. I guess it has got plenty bounce, though!

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download link:

1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. Sweet Lorraine
3. This Side Up
4. Gone With The Draft
5. Call The Police
6. That Ain't Right
7. Are You Fer It?
8. Hit That Jive Jack
9. Early Morning Blues
10. Babs
11. Scotchin' With Soda
12. Slow Down
13. I Like To Riff
14. This Will Make You Laugh
15. Hit The Ramp
16. Stop, The Red Light's On

Please note: this LP was re-upped in June 2016 in a new post with more information here:


Lemmy said...

"Big Band Bounce Boogie" was the name of the series. I had Al Cooper & His Savoy Sultans, Charlie Barnett and Jay McShann in that series on LP. All were very good discs. Especially the Savoy Sultans.

The King Cole trios were from the same era, but a departure in style.

Unknown said...

Hi, I wonder if you could re-upload this album? The megaupload link is dead. I've been looking everywhere for this sweet jazz!

Kuku muniu said...

Link is dead,could you reupload???

boogiewoody said...

Hi Kuku - there is a now a new link in the post.

This LP was re-upped im 2016 here:


Kuku muniu said...

Thanks :) I have one more question

do You have something from thid and you can upload?

Sonny Rollins 85th Birthday Live

Mickey Tucker - The Crawl,Gettin' There Solo Piano,Doublet,SoJourn.

Bill Evans Trio - How My Heart Sings.

Fats Waller - Striding in Dixieland
and other albums with "Honeysuckle Rose" song like
Earl Hines (1937),Mildred Bailey And Her Alley Cats

Coleman Hawkins - Body and Soul
(Body and Soul & Soul are two different albums???)

CD release omits 5 tracks: "Say It Isn't So" [B2 on 2LP release],"Spotlite" [B3 on 2LP release], "I Never Knew" from January 17, 1956 session [C6 on 2LP release],"I'm Shooting High" from January 18, 1956 session [D3 on 2LP release],"The Day You Came Along" from January 20, 1956 session [D5 on 2LP release]

Why Im asking,because I found this video
and I learned some interesting things about form,composition and arrangement.

This things (post-bop VS free jazz) about which this guy says in
1:15,2:57,3:24,7:04 etc inspired me to further research.

I’d like to create a list of 50 (or 100 or more haha )
essential songs which are the quintessence of this genre (post-bop,weird chords etc)

I like pianists most (pianos also have strings like a guitar)
because complex chords on the piano sound best :)

Any ideas for recomendations???

boogiewoody said...

I thought you only had one question Kuku? :)

Actually the answer to all your requests is "no" I'm afraid! This is basically an R&B blog with a timeframe of roughly 1940 - 1962, so although there is some bebop here, there won't be any post bop or free jazz. My own jazz interests tend towards hard bop and soul jazz.

I don't have any of the albums you asked about, but perhaps in the future I could post some more pianists like Fats Waller, Bud Powell and Errol Garner.

Now I've ended up listening to Wayne Shorter on YouTube after watching that video you were talking about. Interesting but not particularly to my taste!


Kuku muniu said...

I see :) but I also don't like free jazz,post-bop seems interesting but this is new adventure for me :)

boogiewoody said...

My nerves have been so jangled by Wayne Shorter that I am now listening to Erik Satie in order to calm down and relax.

The Be Bop Wino blog is an attempt to reflect popular tastes in R&B, along with its related jazz styles and related rock and roll of the 1940s/50s and early 60s. The music of the dance halls, taverns, juke boxes and radio stations of the time. Post bop as a style won't feature here but occasionally you'll come across musicians who were part of that style, e.g. Miles Davis in his early be bop days or John Coltrane when he played R&B in the Earl Bostic band.

For me it's ALL an adventure. Enjoy your explorations!