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Monday 7 January 2008

Ruth Brown - Rock & Roll (Atlantic 8004)

This is a 1957 album from Atlantic which includes most of Ruth Brown’s biggest hits.

These are vinyl rips by Joan K complete with the atmospheric ‘noise’, so once again it’s like popping round to your friend’s house to listen to a few discs being spun on the gramophone. The download includes a folder of Joan's label shots, EP covers and one of those wonderful Atlantic singles still in its original sleeve. The download scans are more numerous and larger than can be shown here. A visual treat!

Converted to 192 kbps mp3s from m4a files.

Download link –

Ruth Brown Rock & Roll (Mega)

1. Lucky Lips
2. As Long As I'm Moving
3. Wild Wild Young Men
4. Daddy Daddy
5. Mambo Baby
6. Teardrops From My Eyes
7. Hello Little Boy
8. Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
9. 5-10-15 Hours
10. It's Love Baby
11. Sentimental Journey
12. Old Man River
13. So Long
14. Oh What a Dream


NBboy said...

Thanks for this great music, also for the Lavern Baker stuff, I'm going to give the vinyl rips a listen for a change, and the artwork looks great too !!!!!!!!!!Regards,NBboy

Baron said...

Thanks BWBB ... looking at the blog in more detail ... this Ruth Brown looks good ... Baron

Dj Dan Sette said...

Thank for this little insight. I have this LP. I am a vinyl only DJ here in Sheffield UK and so many tracks off this LP are boss floor fillers.

DJ Dan Sette

Anonymous said...

thanks for this lp.

Rock'n'Roll ArT said...

thanks , great....

KING said...

link is dead could you please fix it thank you

Zoran said...

Link is dead.
Could You please fix it.

Thank You

boogiewoody said...

New link now up, Zoran.