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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Elmore James - I Need You

Thanks to Joan for this item from her collection – an Elmore James compilation on the Sphere Sound label.

Founded in 1965, Sphere Sound was a subsidiary of Bell records. It leased tracks from New York labels such as Fire/Fury and Herald/Ember for re-release on singles and LPs. These Elmore James tracks were leased from the Bobby Robinson labels for which James had recorded between 1959 and 1963. This LP was released in 1966, although some of the tracks were previously released on 45 rpm Sphere Sound singles in 1965.

As can be seen from the details of first release in the track list, many of these tracks were being released for the first time on this album. All tracks were recorded between 1959 and 1961 with the exception of “Make My Dreams Come True” which had been recorded in 1953 for Flair but was re-released by Bobby Robinson on his Fire label in 1960.

There are some label scans accompanying the tracks, including a re-release on Enjoy of Fire 504.

Ripped at bit rates between 224 and 320 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

Download from:


1. Make My Dreams Come True (Flair 1031, 1954; Fire 1011, 1960)
2. Got To Move (NYC 1961, this LP)
3. I Need You Baby (NYC 1960, this LP and Sphere Sound 708)
4. Something Inside Me (NYC 1960, this LP and Sphere Sound 713)
5. Look On Yonder Wall (New Orleans 1961, Fire 504, 1962)
6. Shake Your Money Maker (New Orleans 1961, Fire 504, 1962)
7. Strange Angels (NYC 1960, this LP )
8. Early One Morning (NYC 1960, this LP)
9. She Done Moved (Instr.) (NYC 1960, this LP and Sphere Sound 713)
10. Baby Please Set A Date (NYC 1959, this LP)

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