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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Gone All Stars (featuring Buddy Lucas) - Dancin': Bandstand EP … plus 7 - 11

Now here’s a real rarity from Joan – the Gone All Stars on an EP and their 1958 hit single “7 – 11” b/w “Down Yonder Rock”.

The Gone All Stars were the studio band fronted by tenor sax player Buddy Lucas which gradually replaced Jimmy Wright as the backing musicians on many recording sessions for the George Goldner group of labels, including sides by artists such as The Dubs, The Imperials and The Chantels. Buddy Lucas recorded a series of singles for Jubilee around 1951, as well as acting as studio bandleader, before moving to RCA Victor for a year where he had releases on both RCA and its subsidiary Groove. In 1955 Buddy moved to Savoy where he provided studio backing for big name artists like Larry Darnell, Big Maybelle, Annie Laurie and Hal Singer.

These tracks are ripped from original 1950s vinyl, so there is some surface noise. But, as we all say, that IS rock’n’roll! Anyway where else are you going to hear these tracks? Thanks again Joan!

Ripped at 192 kbps (converted from m4a format).

Download from here:

1. 7 - 11
2. Down Yonder Rock
3. Hoppin' Bop
4. Gone Stroll
5. Gee Gee Walk
6. Charlypso End


Randy Skretvedt said...

Thank you yet again, Joan and bw, for another wonderful post. Now at long last I can follow the instructions of Danny and the Juniors, who instruct us in "At the Hop" -- "When the records start spinnin', you Charlypso with your chicken at the hop!"

xulio said...

Muchas gracias

Anonymous said...

Thanks, and I look forward to your future Buddy Lucas post. I have some of his work on the CD "Saxophony--Jubilee Honkers And Shouters" which I guess you must have, though it wasn't included in the recent fabulous Honkathon!

boogiewoody said...

You are correct - its "Saxophony" which I have. I've also just remembered - The Gone All Stars and Buddy Lucas also turn up on the Westside CD "Titanic and 32 other unsinkable sax blasters", so that's another post which I'll put up soon. Glad you liked the Honkathon!

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - absolutely fantastic - I remember three of these tracks. 7-11 is easy to find today, but the other tracks are available only here. many tanx, and now I have to find the Honkathon.

boogiewoody said...

The "Honkathon" was in March and consisted of 6 consecutive posts of honkin' tenor sax, from Red Prysock's "Swingsation" collection back to "Thunderbolt". All the links will still be live. Go git it!

Anonymous said...

Here's one from my old 45's shelf... featuring the 'Buddy Lucas Band'. Performed by radio personality Bruce 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow, co-authored by Morrow-Lucas. It's called "Tea With The Sharks". It's on Clock Records. C.1029, 2:24sec., CL 182, Lowell Music BMI, Clock records, 1619 Broadway, NYC.
Man, What a find!

KL from NYC said...

Thank you.
Another record produced by George Goldner that I didn't know about.

I found a vintage photo-article with a couple from American Bandstand where they give instructions for the Chalypso (Cha Cha + Calypso) that was invented on the TV show.
I haven't tried it out, though.

boogiewoody said...

Hi boppers!

I've just been re-reading the comments on this post which dates from the original Be Bop Wino blog. References to old Sequel and Westside CDs are redundant,as this blog is now vinyl only!

I must investigate this Chalypso dance ...