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Thursday 19 February 2009

Sil Austin Plays Pretty For The People

This is a 1987 reissue on Polygram of an LP which was originally released on Mercury (MG-20424) in 1959. Recorded in one session in New York City in February 1959, this album of sentimental ballads with orchestral and vocal chorus accompaniment represented a change of sound for R&B tenor sax man Sil Austin. This may not be to the taste of those of you who lapped up his booting tenor on "Everything's Shakin'" and on the Tiny Bradshaw compilations, but it certainly attracted attention at the time it was originally released – enough to persuade Mercury to issue more albums in the same vein, and to propel “Danny Boy” into the pop charts.

It’s time for a confession from this fan of honkin’ tenor sax – “Danny Boy” chokes me up every time I listen to it. The string accompaniment is relatively restrained and Sil Austin puts in a ballad performance that is for the ages. So download, and if you have tears to shed, be prepared to shed them as you listen to “Danny Boy”.

The original 1959 release of this album had twelve tracks with the running order as follows:


A-1 Danny Boy
A-2 Sweet Slumber
A-3 Summertime
A-4 I'll Walk Alone
A-5 My Foolish Heart
A-6 Call Me

B-1 Ruby
B-2 I Can't Get Started
B-3 My Mother's Eyes
B-4 Prisoner Of Love
B-5 It's The Talk Of The Town
B-6 Stardust

This re-release has only ten tracks in the following order:

1. Danny Boy
2. Prisoner Of Love
3. Summertime
4. I Can't Get Started With You
5. My Foolish Heart
6. Call Me
7. Ruby
8. My Mother's Eyes
9. Sweet Slumber
10. It's The Talk Of The Town

Ripped from vinyl at 320 kbps.

Download from here:


Luiggi Fornicalli said...

Thanks for your hard work and for posting this album.
Superb blog.

Thanks. Luiggi.-

Eva said...

Wow, this is some seriously mellow stuff! Thanks.

Rockin the Blues said...

cool stuff Thanks

Bimbo said...

I jsut stumbled upon your blog. Very nice and I appreciate all the work you have put into it.

In the Sixties I had a Sil Austin LP that was one of my favorites. I lost it along the way, and have made do with a compiltation CD from Korea that I bought in the early 90s.

This may have been the album I have been looking for - it is reaaly nice!

Thanks again.

PS - I m looking forward to listening to some of your "Joan Selects" compilations...

boogiewoody said...

Hi Michael - there are a couple more Sil Austin LPs on the blog if you search around! Joan Selects is amazing: a wealth of crackly R&B vinyl - the real deal!

Baron said...

Thank you

Curtis said...

Thank You!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know yet if this album is great,
but it's great to have the oportunity to find this out.
Thank you.

Funky Fred From France

boogiewoody said...

Thanks, Funky Fred. I hope you will enjoy "Plays Pretty."