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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Joan Selects - Volume 15 – Joan’s A Rockin’ Little Angel

The second volume of rockabilly / rock ‘n’ roll in Joan’s series of vintage vinyl rips contains a mixture of the obscure and the well known. I am delighted to see Carl Perkins’ “Dixie Fried” included. This paean to booze and a certain razor wielding good old boy was the record that made me realize that rock ‘n’ roll wasn’t just music for love struck teenagers. I like to think that real rock ‘n’ roll is for adults as it often concerns itself with what some people may call the seamier aspects of life. But enough of my musings, let’s go over to Joan for a few pointers as to what’s in store on this excellent selection:

Joan Selects, Volume 15 - Joan returns to basic rock and roll for these 35 selections. Among the noteworthy high points is an early Roy Orbison when he was under contract to Sam Phillip's Sun Records company. Also under contract to Sun at the same time, were Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis - what an unbelievable stable of talent, not to mention a whole raft of second echelon artists of outstanding abilities.

Janis Martin was billed as the female Elvis, and was under contact to RCA Victor at the same time as Elvis, and there are pictures circulating of Janis and Elvis together. One of Janis' singles interestingly, was her remake of Roy Orbison's “Ooby Dooby”. Janis was one of a precious few female rockers from the 1950's. Another is represented here on volume 15 - the legendary Wanda Jackson, with her "I Gotta Know”, an interesting hybrid combining rock-a-billy and country.

Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones struck the charts with a huge teen hit, "Black Slacks". "Boppin' Rock Boogie" was their follow up, and in all respects as much of a rocker too. Several cuts (3 to be exact) are by one of the giants of rock-a-billy, Carl Perkins, including Dixie Fried, by special request to our estimable blog host Boogiewood. In this collector's opinion, "Put Your Cat Clothes On" is one of the great 1950's rock anthems. From 1950 and on New York City's Crest Label, comes a favorite - by Cliff Martin and his Cliff Dwellers - "I Heard the Juke Box Playing", which evokes images of another and more innocent (in some ways) and simpler time, just at the start of the rock and roll era.

An oft proclaimed Elvis imitator, Ral Donner, is represented here with his biggest hit for George Goldner's Gone record label, "You Don't Know What You Got (Until You Lose It)" - Donner had one other top forty hit, "The Girl Of My Best Friend". There was enough by Donner to compile an album for the Gone label.

Ripped from vinyl at bit rates mostly around 128 kbps. Password = greaseyspoon

30 label shots in glorious bebopwinocolor are included. Thanks for another great collection, Joan.
Download from here:

Joan Selects Volume 15 (Zippy)

01 Roy Orbison - Rockhouse - Sun 251
02 Janis Martin -Will You Willyum - RCA Victor 47-6491
03 John D Loudermilk - Language Of Love - RCA Victor 47-7938
04 The Roclking Chairs - A Kiss Is A Kiss - Recorte 45-402
05 Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones - Boppin Rock Boogie - ABC-Paramount 45-9837
06 Jack Scott and the Chantones - Leroy - Carlton 462
07 Joe Therrian & the Rockets - Hey Babe! Let's Go Downtown - Brunswick 9-55005
08 The Dusters - Rock' At The Hop - Cupid 5003
09 Wanda Jackson - I Gotta Know - Capitol 3485
10 The Rock-A-Teens - Woo-Hoo - Roulette R-4192
11 Jimmy Edwards - Love Bug Crawl - Mercury 71209x45 (10.2.57)
12 Jimmie Dee and the Offbeats - Henrietta - Dot 45-15664
13 Bobby Vee and the Shadows - Suzie Baby - Liberty F-55208
14 The El-Derocks - Hound Dog Blues - Sapphire 1004
15 Carl Perkins - Dixie Fried - Sun 249
16 Ronnie Self - Bop-A-Lena - Columbia 4-41101
17 Bill Parsons - The All American Boy - Fraternity F-835
18 Buddy Knox and the Rhythm Orchids - Party Doll - Roulette R-4002
19 Link Wray and the Raymen - Rumble - Cadence 1347
20 Blue Knights - Who Me - J and J 100-B
21 Roy Orbison - Domino - Sun Album cut only
22 Robin Luke - Susie Darling - Dot 45-15781
23 Terry Noland - Hypnotized - Brunswick 55010
24 Gene Pitney - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away - Musicor MU 1002
25 Cliff Martin & his Cliff Dwellers - I Heard The Juke Box Playing - Crest 45-503
26 Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On - Sun Album cut only
27 Sherry Davis - Just A Little Bit -
28 Ray Campi - Loretta
29 Rusty York - Sugaree - Chess 1730
30 Carl Perkins - Tennessee - Sun Album cut only
31 Benny Joy - I'm Gonna Move -
32 Ral Donner - You Don't Know What You've Got - Gone 5108
33 Ray Smith - Rockin' Little Angel - Judd 1016
34 Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps - Lotta Lovin' - Capitol F3763
35 Jack Huddle - Starlight - Kapp DJK-207X


Martooni said...

Joan's on fire!

Thank you

moosejuice said...

Thank you Joan for this fab series. you've filled some gaps in my doowop collection. much hard work appreciated.

Thank you for leaving the series for download. I lost Vol 2 on a backup copying adventure. re D/L today 27/02.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for some very nice tracks


paul said...

Illinois Jacquet - 1945-1950 Complete Sessions FLAC

Scroll down a little and look in comments.


Siggy said...

many tanx! This comp is a worthy R&R competitor to Vol 08, but if you force me to pick, I'll pick #08. Tough call.

Working my way through the Joan Selects posts, starting at 1 heading for 15. Did my daily limit at Rapit Share, but note this:

All links for V01 thru V15 are valid as of Jan 19, 2014.