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Tuesday 28 April 2015

New Blog Page - El Enmascarado's 78 rpm Rips Plus Comps

The Masked One's record room - where vinyl and shellac rule

I've finally (!) finished constructing the new blog page dedicated to El Enmascarado's rips from original 78 rpm shellac discs. On the page you'll find links to every post featuring these rips. On these posts you'll find links to streaming audio of both sides of each disc. I've replaced all the audio links to the accursed Divshare with new links to Box.

At the bottom of the page you'll find download links and details of the compilation "LPs" in which the 78s have been gathered together. Some months ago I was amused to find some of these comps turning up for sale on some music download services. Get 'em for free here, on the site where they were created!

New page link: 

There is also a link on the Page List section at the top of the blog sidebar.

Check it out! I've taken the liberty of adding short, pithy summaries of each 78 rpm disc in the style of the old Norton Records mail order catalogues I used get sent from the States. Brief and to the point I hope! One reason for the delay in updating the blog recently is that I have rediscovered my old copies of the incredible "Kicks!" magazine, which was the precursor to the whole Norton Records shebang. Rereading that stuff has fried my brain again, just as it did about 15 years ago when one of my workmates turned me on to the words of wisdom penned by Billy Miller, Miriam Linna and their Kickster cohorts.

There was no option but to open up a new library (called "Kicks", of course) on my laptop music player of choice (MusicBee) and rip  and upload piles of CDs of rockabilly, surf instros, teenbeat instros, greasy rhythm 'n' blues, and general late 50s - early 60s mayhem. Then I turned on Auto DJ and 5 days later here I still am, slumped in the old homestead while the laptop blares out through the HiFi. Luke McDaniels is playing right now, to be followed by somebody called The Crazy Teens (off of "Sin Alley"!) and then Joe Hill Louis. Oh and Elvis is coming up soon with "Money Honey." This could go on forever ... Aw hell, now it's Gentleman Jim and The Horsemen with "Soul Searchin'" - Help! Somebody get me outta here!


jim said...

Sorry, it seems like there is no hope for you. Doomed to bop until you drop.

boogiewoody said...

Looks like it. I knew I was seriously hooked when the Auto-DJ came up with "Down At Haydens" by The Hunters featuring Young Jessie and then followed it up with Gene Vincent's "Gonna Back Up Baby." A few records later there was "Scalping Party" by The Tornados and the totally wigged out "Strike a Match" by Garland The Great.

There must be a helpline for this addiction ...