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Monday 20 April 2015

Savin' Those Sounds - Blues On 78 (re-up)

Side One
1. Rockin' With Red - Piano Red
2. Possum Hunt - Smokey Hogg
3. Off The Wall - Little Walter
4. Don't Start Me Talking - Sonny Boy Williamson
5. Boogie Chillen' - John Lee Hooker
6. Honey Honey Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
7. Walking The Blues - Willie Dixon

Side Two
1. If You're Mine - Willie Dixon
2. Tell Me Mama - Little Walter
3. Sally Mae - John Lee Hooker
4. Moonrise Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
5. Red's Boogie - Piano Red
6. Let's Get Together And Drink Some Gin - Smokey Hogg
7. All My Love In Vain - Sonny Boy Williamson

Ripped from shellac at 128 kbps by El Enmascarado

New download link:

password = greaseyspoon

NEW NEW download link with no password:

Original post (November 2011):

This re-up of the blues "LP" compiled from El Enmascarado's rips from shellac 78 rpm discs represents the last-but-one stage in the recovery of the posts featuring the "mp3s from 78s" sent in by The Masked One. At present the "latest news" section in the blog sidebar contains the complete list of posts of these 1940s/50s 10 inch shellac discs, all of which have had new streaming audio installed following the collapse of Divshare.

Of course this will soon no longer be "latest news" and therefore I am presently constructing a new page which will list links to all the 78 posts plus links to the downloadable compilations of these rare discs. It will be a "one stop shop" for this unforgettable series of glimpses into R&B history.

The demise of Divshare has been a heavy blow to the blog as its streaming audio widget was on many posts. I've prioritized El Enmascarado's rips for new streaming audio, just as I prioritized the Joan Selects series for re-ups following the final disintegration of Rapidshare. I feel that this is only fair as both Joan and The Masked One put in a tremendous amount of work to bring rare sounds to Be Bop Wino.

Re-ups have dominated the blog for months now, but I hope to post some new stuff soon. One thing I noticed while uploading the 78 rpm singles to Box, was that in general they had more audio presence than rips from 1980s reissue vinyl. This was especially noticeable when listening to Sonny Boy Williamson's "Don't Start Me Talking" / "All My Love In Vain". The 78 version just had so much more whomp than the mp3s I had of these tracks from a 1980s "Chess Masters" 2LP set. And this was the despite the fact that the vinyl rips were at a much higher bit rate.

There's much talk these days of a vinyl revival, but c'mon folks, let's get back to shellac! That's where the action is!


Marlowe said...

PW ? Please

boogiewoody said...

password = greaseyspoon

Sorry I re-uploaded the old version which is password protected. I'll try to upload a new version.