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Friday 17 March 2017

Illinois Jacquet Vol. 1 (Savoy XP 8068)

Cover shot:

Side A:
01. Don't Blame Me
02. Jumpin' Jacquet

Side B:
01. Blues Mood
02. Jacquet In The Box

Download from:

We continue our look at early Savoy sides with this "reconstruction" of a 1954 Illinois Jacquet EP. As with the Ike Quebec EP in the previous post, I've used vinyl rips from a compilation LP along with a cover scan from the Birka Jazz archive. Also just like the previous post, these sides date from the 1940s, so here's the lowdown on the tunes, who, when and other hitherto lost info on these cool sounds!

All 4 tracks were recorded in New York City on the 7th. January 1946. Personnel:

Emmett Berry (trumpet); Illinois Jacquet (tenor sax); Bill Doggett (piano); Freddie Green (guitar); John Simmons (bass); Shadow Wilson (drums).

Jumpin Jacquet / Blue Mood (note spelling on original record label) released on Savoy 593, February 1946. Credited to "Illinois Jacquet and his Tenor Saxophone."

According to a Billboard advert in February 1946, Savoy had a large number of records on release at this time, mostly classified as "Hot Jazz." Artists in this category included Lester Young, Don Byas, Pete Brown, Slam Stewart, Hot Lips Page, Buck Ram's All Stars, Errol Garner, Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster and Johnny Guarnieri. "Race Series" releases were far fewer with only five discs listed, the only major artist in this category being Helen Humes.

"Don't Blame Me" was released on Savoy 620 in August 1946, credited to the Illinois Jacquet All Stars. The B-Side was "Girl Of My Dreams," by the Ike Quebec All Stars.

"Jacquet In The Box" was released on Savoy 910, November 1947. The B-Side was "Jacquet And Coat" (aka "Minor Romp").

This release was part of the Savoy Bop 900 series. Aimed at fans of Be Bop, the series included discs by Leo Parker, Charlie Parker, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon.

The two sessions (January 7th and 8th 1946) Illinois Jacquet recorded for Savoy yielded a total of nine sides. These sessions were his only recordings for Savoy. Through 1945, 1946 and up to November 1947 he label-hopped back and forth between Apollo and Philo / Aladdin. In December 1947 he started recording for Victor, with whom he stayed until mid 1950.

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Mo' Savoy jazz and R&B posts are in the pipeline. Cool boppin', hot rockin' and solid swingin'! Stay tuned to Be Bop Wino.


Anonymous said...

I haven't said thanks for a while, so a big thank you!

I too am anonymous.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this, and the earlier Ike Quebec EP. Some nice cool swinging music on these old tracks.