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Monday 20 March 2017

Paul Williams And His Hucklebuckers (Savoy MG-15046)

Side A:
01. Jockey Jump
02. Rye Boogie
03. Jeep's Blues
04. Paul's Boogie

Side B:
01. Weasel Swing
02. Juice Bug
03. Camp Meetin' Bounce
04. Blowing The Boogie

Download from here:

10 inch vinyl LP released in 1954. All the above scans from

The LP has been "reconstructed" using rips from various sources.

Recording and original release details of the tracks:

"Jockey Jump" was recorded on March 2nd, 1948 in Detroit. Personnel: Phil Guilbeau (trumpet); Wild Bill Moore (tenor sax); Paul Williams (baritone sax); Floyd Taylor (piano); Herman Hopkins (bass); Reetham Mallett (drums).

"Jockey Jump" was originally released as "Waxie Maxie" (b/w "Spider Sent Me") on Savoy 670, August 1948. Reached number 11 in Billboard's best selling race records chart, late September 1948.

"Juice Bug" was recorded on November 2nd, 1949 in New York City. Personnel: Phil Guilbeau (trumpet); Fred Jackson, Cranford Wright (tenor saxes); Paul Williams (baritone, alto sax); Lee Anderson (piano); Pete Glover (bass); Bill Benjamin (drums).

Originally released as "Juice Bug Boogie" on Savoy 721 (B-Side of "Cranberries") in January 1950.

Label shot:
"Paul's Boogie" and "Camp Meetin' Bounce" were recorded on December 1st, 1949, in Detroit. Personnel: Phil Guilbeau (trumpet); Fred Jackson, Cranford Wright (tenor saxes) Paul Williams (baritone, alto sax); Lee Anderson (piano); John Murphy (bass); William Benjamin (drums).

"Camp Meeting Bounce" was originally released on Savoy 734 (B-Side of "What's Happening") in March 1950.

"Paul's Boogie" was originally released on Savoy 758 (B-Side of "Jeep's Blues") in September 1950.

"Jeep's Blues," "Rye Boogie" and "Weasel Swing" were recorded on May 18th, 1950 in New York City. Personnel: Phil Guilbeau (trumpet); Joe Alexander, Miller Sam (tenor saxes); Paul Williams (baritone sax); Lee Anderson (piano); John Murphy (bass); William Benjamin (drums).

"Weasel Swing" and "Rye Boogie" were originally released on Savoy 751 in June 1950.

"Jeep's Blues" was originally released on Savoy 758 (b/w "Paul's Boogie") in September 1950.

"Blowing The Boogie" was recorded on 17th December, 1951, in New York City. Personnel: Blue Mitchell (trumpet); Lee Pope (tenor sax); Ted Butler (baritone sax); Paul Williams (baritone, alto sax); Lee Anderson (piano); Sam Jones (bass); Joe Booker (drums).

"Blowin' The Boogie" was originally released on Savoy 831 (b/w "It's All Over Now") in January 1952.

Our look at releases on the Savoy label continues with this 1954 LP of Paul Williams tracks which were recorded between 1948 and 1951. In the late 1940s Savoy had a series of big R&B hits with saxophone instrumentals such as "Bubbles" by Wild Bill Moore, "The Hucklebuck" and "Thirty-Five Thirty" by Paul Williams, "Corn Bread" by Hal Singer and "Deacon's Hop" by Big Jay McNeely.

See the post "Rhythm and Blues Volume 1" for these hits. We'll be looking at some of these sax players again in upcoming posts, including another look at Paul Williams.

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george said...

Many thanks, again, boogiewoody!

christophe said...

Thanks a lot for these last efforts about the savoy reconstruction. Nice to hear Illinois Jaquet or this new to me Paul Williams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for the blogroll link. Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible for me to access these great LPs, as I can't get into zippy. I don't know what happened, as it used to be effortless. Hence, the recent lack of comments 'cause I can't listen to the tunes. (Fortunately, I can still read your informative commentary though.)


boogiewoody said...

Hi Marie

I can still get into zippyshare - I recently downloaded a couple of those marvelous R&B comps that The Blues Years has posted in the last week or two. Sometimes access to zippy can be problematic - it seems to occasionally host ads, some of which are OK but sometimes there are ads which can cause my browser to seize up when I refuse to download the doubtful software on offer. Maybe your adblocker is blocking access?


Bob Mac said...

Absolutely no problem at all with Zippy for me. In fact it is hands down my favorite. Yes, I get several pop-ups but just close them, have never had anything muck up my system.

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Bob. Yes, by and large Zippy works well for me. It's just occasionally that something that isn't a legitimate ad pops up on it and tries to hijack my browser.


Bill S. said...

Good to see Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams getting some coverage. I have all of the Spanish "Blue Moon" reissues of his work and love them. As a baritone player, his bands always had a "different" sound. You could even argue that he was an influence on the Motown sound since many of those Motown records had a baritone sax as the "bottom" and it gave them a unique sound (until it was imitated by other labels). I hope people will download this great collection of prime Paul Williams!

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for an insightful comment, Bill. I never did buy those Blue Moon CDs of Paul Williams - wish I had! I've got a few Blue Moon CDs on other artists, but now they are very hard to find and expensive when you do. Got more Chronological Classics CDs but again I wish I'd bought more when they were available.

I've got both the Saxophonograph LPs on Paul Williams plus more of his tracks scattered across various Savoy LPs, which is where I've sourced the next homemade comp I'll post on Mr Williams.


brian said...

repost maybe?!

boogiewoody said...

Hi brian - new link now on the post.


brian said...

what a response! THANKS!

neil said...

Just dropping by to give my thanks...

neil said...

Please consider cross-posting this album at the Savoy blog, boogiewoody...