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Sunday 30 April 2017

Joan Selects 2017

01. Ding Dong Bells - The Pretenders
02. Pleading To You - The Five Owls
03. Give Me Another Chance - The Sheiks
04. What Is Your Name Dear - The Ebbtides
05. Message of Love - The Orbits
06. Bye, Bye My Baby - The Eastmen
07. Raindrops - The Vernalls
08. Is It Too Late - The Fidelitones
09. My Beauty, My Own - The Fascinators
10. To Keep Our Love - The Radients with Cleve Duncan
11. Gates Of Gold - The Serenaders
12. You Make Me Happy - The Dodgers
13. Love Me My Darling - The Sharps
14. Honest I Do - Cell Foster and the Audios
15. Carolyn - The Five Kids
16. Jeannie - The Thrashers
17. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - The Gales
18. Girl Friend - The Five Scalders
19. Flossie Mae - The Saucers
20. Baby I Love You So - Joe Weaver & The Don Juans
21. Please Come Home - The Toronados
22. Johnny Darling - The Feathers
23. Housewife Blues - The Enchanters
24. Dearest Doryce - The Rhythm Cadets
25. Girl In My Heart - The Kac-Ties
26. If Only You Were Mine - The Five Scalders
27. What's On Your Mind - Joey and the Teenagers
28. I Lost My Baby - The Darvels
29. Baby Talk - The Laurels
30. Doubt In Your Mind - The Magichords

Download from here:

Joan's back after too long an absence with thirty choice cuts of doo-wop. There's a whole gamut of vocal group action here, ranging from fairly big productions on labels such as Mercury and Bethlehem to the more primitive delights produced by Fortune and JVB. And right out there on the edge, where ambition outruns actual musical ability, come discs by groups like The Five Owls. OK, the group aren't too bad, but that sax break has to be heard to be believed! But primitive can make for great records too, as is shown by The Don Juans on Fortune and The Toronados on Toro.

The minimalist Don Juans most definitely have the power! And dig that echoing guitar accompaniment on The Toronados' "Please Come Home." There are so many gems to be savoured in this collection. (I'm savouring - I'm now listening to "Johnny Darling" by The Feathers which right at this time seems to be the greatest record ever made).

Long time fans know what to expect from this collection - surface noise on a lot of the cuts (the only way to hear rock 'n' roll), a folder of label shots and most of all, lots of fun! Dig it.

They had The Power!
They had a dream!
Mighty fine record
Scratched, but sound as a pound
Buddy Lucas! It must be good! It is! It wails!
Ethereal doowop dream. The perfect vocal group record.

With thanks to Joan for the sounds and label shots.


Daddy Cool said...

Good to see Joan is back - and still looking good!
As usual a great selection of lesser known gems - and the scans are a big plus.
Should provide a lot of listening pleasure and probably spark off some research.
The El Dorados was very welcome. I was aware of it but never had the opportunity to buy it. I have all the tracks on other albums but will enjoy a different ordering - and, maybe an alternate take or two (here's hoping)

soulpapa said...

Wow! This looks amazing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Joan Selects, wonderful!!

I too am anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A very welcome surprise this morning, thank you very much both of you.

Cheers Marlon

Maltshophop said...

Welcome back Joan, as always you have put together another stellar collection of lesser known songs. I love your taste in music.

Anonymous said...

Thank you BoogieWoody, Beautiful this Series of Joan. With this music, i got to a Wedding! Cheers, George.

heylee said...

Thank you Joan for sharing...appreciated.

enoch said...

Many Thanks Joan And BoogieWoody. I've been hoping for a new volume of Joan Selects for awhile now. Thanks


teddy cat baz said...

thanx bw

drizzz said...

Sorry to pester you, but please re-up Joan Selects 2017, I think it is the only Joan compilation that isn't currently available. As always, thank you Joan and BoogieWoody!

boogiewoody said...

New links now on post.


drizzz said...

Thank you!