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Friday 14 April 2017

Sonny Thompson - Cat On The Keys (re-up)

Side One:
01. Cat On The Keys pt 1
02. Cat On The Keys pt 2
03. Sugar Cane
04. Clang Clang Clang
05. Mellow Blues pt 1
06. Mellow Blues pt 2
07. Single Shot
08. Cotton Ball pt 2

Side Two:
01. Let's Move
02. Real Real Fine pt 2
03. Gum Shoe
04. Blues Mambo
05. Long Gone pt 2
06. Frog Legs
07. Down In The Dumps
08. Behind The Sun pt 2

Follow the link below to the original post full of arcane knowledge, out of date purchase recommendations, and unfounded opinions. Read, learn off by heart, and become irresistible to members of the opposite sex:

This LP was originally posted in September, 2007 but the post was rewritten some years later. For this re-up I have included new cover scans as the original scans dated from a time when I hadn't quite mastered the art of scanning a 12" LP sleeve. The volume on the tracks has been boosted using MP3Gain. The re-up also includes a folder of EP cover scans and 45 rpm single label shots from Joan K.

As for the music, this is one hell of a collection of dynamite R&B instrumentals. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Click on these links for more Sonny Thompson on Be Bop Wino, courtesy of El Enmascarado and his collection of 78s:

Late Freight / Sonny's Return (featuring Eddie Chamblee)

Cotton Ball Parts 1 and 2

Backyard Affair / Dreaming Again

More rockin' re-ups coming soon, cats 'n' kittens.


KurtGS said...

Thank you for this masterpiece!

boogiewoody said...

You're welcome Kurt! Your other request is "in hand" - researching additional info to go with the re-up, but new label scans have been completed. Should appear in a couple of days.


rm said...

thank you very much!!!

Unknown said...

Thx for all the amazing comps you share! Nice to hear someone else uses MP3Gain. It's been indispensible for me for over a decade.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Clarence. Nowadays I tend to do volume boosting and normalizing at the WAV editing stage of converting my vinyl. Magix Audio Cleaner is good for that. I still use MP3Gain on older rips, and yes I agree that it has been an invaluable program for getting the best out of my mp3 collection.

KurtGS said...

A little suggestion to all Sonny Thompson fans. You Tube has lots and lots of Sonny Thompson music. Check it out, it's worth it! (Beware, there's a basist also named Sonny Thompson, but with a totally different kind of music.)

boogiewoody said...

YouTube is a joy for fans of old R&B, Jazz and Rock'n'Roll. Beware - you go on intending to listen to a track or two and three hours later you're wondering where the time has gone. I particularly enjoy the posts by people who play the original 78s and 45s.