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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Nashville Jumps (R&B From Bullet 1946-1953) Re-Upped

Side One:
01. Nashville Jumps - Cecil Gant
02. Loose As A Goose - Cecil Gant
03. Lightning Struck The Poorhouse - Wynonie Harris
04. Dig This Boogie - Wynonie Harris
05. Anna Mae - Cecil Gant
06. No Good Woman Blues - Rudy Greene
07. Going Down Slow - St. Louis Jimmy
08. Buzzard Pie - Rudy Greene

Side Two:
01. I Got The Blues - B.B. King
02. Miss Martha King - B.B. King
03. Take A Swing With Me - B.B. King
04. When Your Baby Packs Up And Goes - B.B. King
05. Nobility Boogie - Red Miller Trio
06. Candy Man Blues - Roosevelt Sykes
07. My Baby Left Me - Little Eddie
08. Certainly All - Guitar Slim

In answer to a re-up request, here's "Nashville Jumps" with two new download links. The original post from March 2013 with information, recommended further reading and interesting comments below the line can be found here:

This collection contains B.B. King's first recordings.


soulpapa said...

Looks great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

the re-ups are very important.
For many eager ones they are met
now for the first time.
And as the technics have improved
by the years, You have managed to
present entities that are by far
on a higher level than have been before.
Also the info may have been added or
the pics upgraded amazingly.
All this is remarkable. Sincere thanks !
(Cecil Gant stuff giGant).
- Jay from North.