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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Twist With Jimmy McCracklin (Crown LP 5244) Re-Upped

Side 1:
01. I Can't Tell
02. I'm Gonna Tell Your Mother
03. My Mother Says
04. That Ain't Right
05. Please Forgive

Side 2:
01. Couldn't Be A Dream
02. Oh Baby
03. You Don't Seem To Understand
04. Reelin' And Rockin' Twist

With many thanks to El Enmascarado who sent in this 1962 Crown LP which was originally posted on the 7th December 2010.

The original post is here -

Go to it now for the fascinating details of how to do the twist, and if you happen to own a record company, how to pass off your back catalogue of old R&B tracks as the latest dance craze. There's also a fairly lengthy summary of the R&B years of Jimmy McCracklin and the CDs and tracks to look out for and a link to The Hound's article on Jimmy's guitarist Lafayette "The Thing" Thomas.

Yes, this is as fine an example of low budget exploitation as you could find, but it is also a nice little collection of some of Jimmy's R&B recordings for Modern in 1954-55, plus "Reelin' And Rockin'" from 1950. Scratched vinyl, a low bit rate, but surprisingly good sound quality as I found when I compared it to these excellent Ace CDs of Jimmy's Modern recordings -

Ace CDCHD 720

Ace CDCHD 993

More rockin' and boppin' re-ups, plus new stuff in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Boogiewoody !
Sincere thank for the re-up.
Wonderful to have "Walk"-man's
music to enjoy.
- Jay from North.