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Friday, 25 January 2019

Desperate Rock'N Roll Volume 2

Side One:
01. Look At You Go - Danny Ross
02. So Tired - The Chavis Brothers
03. Rock And Roll Deacon - Screamin' Joe Neal
04. The Work Song - Tom And The Craftsmen
05. Ain't About To Go Home - Donnie Nix
06. Rocking Jalopy - The Alabama Kid
07. Johnny B. Goode - Johnny Candles
08. Turkey Hop - Lionel Hampton
09. Man From Mars - Butch Paulson
10. Shortnin' Bread - The Readymen

Side Two:
01. Woman Love - Jimmy Johnson
02. You Know I Love You - Eddie Kirkland
03. I Don't Need You No More - The Rumblers
04. Ice Water - Glen Barber
05. Rockin' Out The Blues - The Musical Linn Twins
06. Cruisin' - "Bucky" & Premieres
07. Won't You Love Me - Buddy and The Fads
08. Long Legged Linda - The Kids From Texas
09. Not Like Now - Freddy Robinson
10. Live It Up - The Sundowners

Back in the already distant summer of 2018 I posted Desperate Rock'N Roll Volume Ten along with a write up on the whole fershluggener ethos behind This Sort Of Thing. Pulp magazines, ex-jukebox singles, greasy cafes with steamed up windows, and a ton o' obscure rockabilly, surf, R&B and degenerate country sounds. What's not to like?

I recently found another volume in the series in a local second hand shop, so here we go with another set of the same. The internet provides sources of information on the background to these tracks, so below you'll find some details dug out from Rockin' Country Style which has a page on this comp with info and label shots of the rockabilly and country sides; and for the R&B and surf tracks,;; YouTube; and the Bruyninckx discography. I couldn't find  anything on Johnny Candles, whom God preserve. EDIT - info on "Johnny Candles" has been added thanks to Apesville's comments. See comments for links to Apesville's blog and YouTube clip with original Johnny Canales single of "Johnny B. Good."

Fax on the wild, wild trax:

01. Look At You Go - Danny Ross: Minor MH-107 b/w Gold Digger; circa 1957/8.

02. So Tired - The Chavis Brothers: Clock C 1025 b/w I Love You; August 1960.

03. Rock And Roll Deacon - Screamin' Joe Neal: Shippings 13229 b/w Tell Me Pretty Baby; 1959.

04. The Work Song - Tom And The Craftsmen: Gulfstream 1058 b/w Roses Are Red; 1962.

05. Ain't About To Go Home - Donnie Nix: Wilrod 1001 b/w I Saw Her Yesterday; September 1964.

06. Rocking Jalopy - The Alabama Kid: Varsity 83 b/w Where Did You Go; December 1965.

07. Johnny B. Goode - Johnny Candles: no information / EDIT thanks to Apesville (see comments) "Johnny Candles" is Johnny Canales. Track 7 is therefore:

Johnny B. Good - Johnny Canales and his Orchestra: Penco JC-116-3; circa 1962.

08. Turkey Hop - Part One - Lionel Hampton: Decca 24992 b/w Turkey Hop - Part Two; 1950.

09. Man From Mars - Butch Paulson with "The Motations": Virgelle 708 b/w My Own Brother; 1961.

10. Shortnin' Bread - The Readymen: Bangar BA 00655 b/w Surfer Blues; December 1964.

11. Woman Love - Jimmy Johnson: Starday 45-561 b/w All Dressed Up; May 1956.

12. You Know I Love You - Eddie Kirkland: Lu Pine recording, circa 1959-61. Released on 1970s Relic LP "3 Shades Of The Blues."

13. I Don't Need You No More - The Rumblers: Downey D-103, B-Side of Boss; September 1962. Also released on Dot 45-16421 in November 1962.

14. Ice Water - Glen Barber: Starday 45-166 b/w Ring Around The Moon; November 1954.

15. Rockin' Out The Blues - The Musical Linn Twins: Blue Feather OP-277x45 b/w Indian Rock; March 1958.

16. Cruisin' - "Bucky" & Premieres: Nu-Phi 701 b/w Summer School. Date unknown.

17. Won't You Love Me - Buddy and The Fads: Morocco M-101 b/w Is It Just A Game; June 1958.

18. Long Legged Linda - The Kids From Texas: Hanover 4500 b/w I'm So Lonely; May 1958.

19. Not Like Now - Freddy Robinson: Limelight Y-3005x45 b/w Five Feet Of Lovin'; June 1958.

20. Live It Up - The Sundowners: T.R.C.-2839 (Texas Record Company) b/w Our Last Date; June 1962.


Apesville said...

Johnny Candles maybe (1962) Penco (TX) 45 - 116 : Johnny Canales

Apesville said... Johnny Candles

boogiewoody said...

Wah! Thank you Apesville! Johnny Canales it is then, must do an edit!



Apesville said...

You are more than welcome. We have not seen you on much. you have been missed? Dean

Anonymous said...

Boogiewoody, thanks for the detailed serving of rhytmic music.
Also Apes Ville, thanks for fulfilling info-adding.
This way the tunes get to be known as they would deserve.
Hoping everything good for both of You !
- Jay from the North.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW, I just checked and see I now have vol 1, 2, 10, 20 & 21. So maybe some day I'll fill those gaps.

boogiewoody said...

Ape Ville / Dean - I haven't been on rockhall for many years. I guess I just got too busy with this blog, then I managed to lose my password and sign in! Perhaps I'll rejoin and look in.

Jay, Bob, thanks as always for commenting.


OkieRambler said...

Hi, This is John from WRFG Route 66.

This is great stuff!!! Wonderful energy! I hope you find more of this series! They're great.

boogiewoody said...

Hi John, I hope I find more of this series, too! In the meantime that's all I got. Looked up your radio station and show on the internet - looks good.

"Energy" - yes I think that's what these comps have and make them so much fun to listen to.