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Thursday 11 December 2008

Joan Selects - Volume 11 - A Doo Wop Christmas

As the festive season approaches, posts here on Bebopwino tend to get on the intermittent side. Kind of like the opposite of Big Rock Candy Mountain where Christmas brings on a whole lotta wild, wacky and brilliant posts. But thanks to Joan, all Bebopwinos can enjoy a Rhythm ‘n’ Bluesy Doo Wop Christmas with 32 seasonal vintage vinyl rips. So download, take a break from the Christmas shopping, pour yourself a glass of something (12 year old malt should do the trick) and let these discs transport you back to the 1950s, when Christmas was Christmas. Thanks again, Joan!

Ripped from vinyl at 128 kbps (mostly). Password = greaseyspoon

Download from here:

A Doo Wop Christmas (Mega)

A Doo Wop Christmas (Zippy)

01 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - The Melodeers
02 - Jingle Jangle - The Penguins
03 - White Christmas - The Drifters
04 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - The Harmony Grits
05 - You're My Christmas Present - The Skyliners
06 - Can This Be Christmas - The Falcons
07 - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - The Cadillacs
08 - It's Christmas Time - The Five Keys
09 - Rockin' Santa Claus - The Martels
10 - It's Christmas Once Again - Frankie Lymon
11 - Merry Christmas To My Heart - The Sheps
12 - Merry Merry Christmas Baby - The Tune Weavers
13 - Merry Twist-Mas - The Marcels
14 - Merry Christmas Darling (And A Happy New Year) - The Uniques
15 - Mambo, Santa, Mambo - The Enchanters
16 - Mr. Santa's Boogie - The Marshalls
17 - Just A Lonely Christmas - The Moonglows
18 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters
19 - (It's Gonna Be A) Lonely Christmas - The Orioles
20 - A Christmas Long Ago (Jingle Jingle) - The Echelons
21 - Hey Santa Claus - The Moonglows
22 - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - The Orioles
23 - White Christmas - The Ravens
24 - After New Year's Eve - The Heartbeats
25 - Every Heart Is Home At Christmas - The Five Keys
26 - Happy Holiday - The Shells
27 - Christmas Is Coming At Last - The Rhythm Kings
28 - Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus - The Hepsters
29 - Christmas Letter - La Fets and Kitty
30 - Have A Merry Christmas - The Robins
31 - Love For Christmas - The Ebonaires
32 - Merry Christmas - The Cameos


Bombshelter Slim said...

man I can hardly wait, but I MUST ask: what happened to Vols.8-10 ??

boogiewoody said...

Don't worry, volumes 8, 9 and 10 will be along sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another wonderful "Joan Selects" compilation.

Also thanks for all the work you've put into an excellent, interesting site with some of the best music ever made.

Paul in Canada

Johnny Vandal said...

Thanks for all the great music--- this site is the real deal!

Red Neckerson said...

Very nice! Thanks for the great post!

Bomshelter Slim said...

Well, I'm so pleased with this that I figger we don't need the missing volumes!! All the best of the season to all at Be Bop Wino (and please, drink responsibly)

Anonymous said...

thanks again, joan and woody.


Rockin the Blues said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for such great music. Always enjoy what you put up.

Paul in Uk

darryl seattle said...

wow - it's the doo-woppenist x-mas disc ever! thank you so much - you folks are awesome!

unitstructure said...

So beautiful.This is on heavy rotation lately.The sounds,the artwork are wonderful.Have a cool yule.

83Ndd said...

You are amazing!!! JUST what I've been looking for. Thank you, and have a great holiday season!

drizzz said...

Thank you so much! This is a real gift. Love and kisses to Joan!

James A. Naismith said...

The link is still up!

Thanks b-dub & Joanie!