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Thursday 18 December 2008

Joan Selects – Volume 8 - Wild Mix

Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be. In this mammoth mix (sorry, audio CD burners, you ain’t gonna fit THIS ‘un on a disc) Joan takes us on a whirlwind tour of drunken hillbilly piano pounders (and Jerry Lee too), would-be Elvises, Elvis himself, George Jones going under the name of Thumper Jones, hot rodders, instro rockers, and that rarest of rock ‘n’ roll artifacts – a genuinely wonderful Boyd Bennett record. There’s also what is possibly my second favourite Carl Perkins record, “Movie Magg”, which is pure Hicksville heaven. My all time favourite Carl Perkins disc is “Dixie Fried” which is a charming tale of drunken razor wielding shenanigans in an after hours joint. But it ain’t here, so any of you hep cats who don’t already have it can look elsewhere.

What listening to this stack of 45s reminds me of is the much missed “Kicks” magazine, especially the bit where they invited a bunch of discerning contributors to play and review their own stacks o’wax. Of course the records were so obscure that I’d never heard of 90% of them but the writing was so vivid and enthusiastic that somehow it didn’t matter that I had no idea what the records actually sounded like.

Well this comp is a definite Kicks type selection with all that that entails. I’m listening to it again right now and discovering yet more delights. Fr’instance “Nelda Jane” is a sweaty, leering hymn of lust about a “teenage cutie”. Thing is it sounds like it’s being sung by a middle aged guy, which is rather unsettling, but kind of funny too.

So downloaders, I recommend that you dig out an old copy of Kicks (only seven editions were ever issued, the last being in 1992), settle back for a nostalgic read, and give Joan’s vinyl rips a listen. If you don’t have Kicks, then the nearest online equivalent I can think of is the Hound’s blog. Just print out a bunch of his articles and you’ve got yourself a fine substitute.

Joan, thanks not only for the sounds, but also for the thirty or so label shots.

Download from here:

01 - The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues - Cuca J-1003-A / Soma 1137
02 - Bobby Brant - Piano Nellie - East West 45-EW124
03 - Charlie Feathers - Tongue-Tied Jill - Meteor 5032
04 - The Johnny Burnette Trio - Honey Hush - Coral 9-61719
05 - Sonee West - Rock-Ola Ruby - Nor-Va-Jac 1956
06 - Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me - RCA Victor 45-6540
07 - Buddy Sharpe and the Shakers - Linda Lee - Fee Bee 230
08 - Dickie Lee - Good Lovin' - Sun 280
09 - Carl Perkins - Movie Magg - Flip 501
10 - The Cyclones - Nelda Jane - Cyclone T-100
11 - Buddy Holly - Rock Around With Ollie Vee - Coral 62390
12 - The Jet Tones - Jet Tone Boogie - Chess 1723
13 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Milkshake Mademoislle - Sun
14 - Dale Hawkins - La-Do-Dada - Checker 900
15 - The Collegiates - Stay True Baby - Tampa 45-T 131
16 - Little E and the Mello-Tone Three - Candy Apple Red Impala - Falco F302-A F302-A F302-A
17 - Chan Romero - The Hippy Hippy Shake - Del Fi 4126
18 - The Delicates - Black and White Thunderbird - UNART UR 2017
19 - Bobby and the Orbits - Felicia - Seeco 45-6067
20 - Dale Ward - Iggy Joe - Star 229
21 - Johnny Restivo - The Shape I'm In - RCA Victor 47-7559
22 - Jerry Byrne - Lights Out - Specialty 635
23 - Wanda Jackson - Let's Have A Party - Capitol 4397
24 - Ben Hewitt - You Break Me Up - Mercury 71413x45
25 - Ivan - Real Wild Child - Coral 65607
26 - Ersel Hickey - You Never Can Tell - Epic 5-9298
27 - Charlie Ryan - Hot Rod Lincoln - 4-Star 1733x45
28 - Eddie Quinteros - Come Dance With Me - Brent 7009
29 - Gus Backus - My Chick's Fine - Carlton 471
30 - Warren Smith - Ubangi Stomp - Sun 250
31 - Thumper Jones - Rock It - Starday 240
32 - Marvin Rainwater - Baby Don't Go - MGM 12609
33 - Billy Barrix - Cool Off Baby - Chess 1662
34 - Bobby Sisco - Go Go Go - Chess 1650
35 - George Hamilton 4 - If You Don't Know - ABC Paramount 45 - 9765
36 - Boyd Bennett - Move - King 45--5115
37 - Benny Banta - Cry Little Girlie - VIV 101-A
38 - Erle Hall - Thats When Love Began - Nasco 45-6024
39 - The Rondels - Back Beat Number 1 - Amy 825
40 – The Corvettes – Pick Up


Anonymous said...

WOW !! killer comp. thanks joan and woody.

oh and i, for one don't mind the extra tracks (those that won't fit on a single cd). i already have a file on my computer which i've named "joan selects, Volume 21" :). if this keeps up, i may have a volume 22 and 23. WOO HOO.


nailbox said...

thanks a lot, looks great!

merry xmas to you.

jothman said...

tanx for sharing - Joan, you have outdone yourself with this collection. I recognize a number of these tracks, and can't wait to play the whole thing. I had the 45s of several of these songs, including Felica and Nelda Jane. Nelda Jane was the B side of Bullwhip Rock. I must have played that 45 thousands of times, both sides. Please do a Wild Mix part B. Please please.

Thanks a million, and a happy holiday to you and yours. Or, as my ol' gran' pappy used to say "Have A Cool Yule And A Frantic First".

Anonymous said...

WOW ! you're spoiling us !
killer comp indeed

Anonymous said...

I like my compilations the way I like my wimin-big and wild

Samacy said...

My Name is Sam, and I just want to thank you sooooooooooooo very much for your generosity of allowing us to download these songs. I have been searching for "Candy Apple Red Impala" for my brother and was about ready to give up and found YOU Joan............Thank you with all my heart, you are very special............

Siggy said...

I am cleaning up my music files and ran across this after 5 years. I'm listening to it as I write this. Still a fantastic comp. Check out my post from 5 years ago. It is still true. many many thanks.

The RapisShare link is still good. Go get it!!!!!

I will have to look for more Joan Selects volumes.

B_B said...

SUPER wild!

Link is still GOOD, some TEN years later!

Was seeking the Little E" goodie.


- Brian, in Sunny (what else?!) So. Cal.


Odd, all the images (EXCEPT the "Front cover," at top) on this page are little "notes" from "Photobucket," alerting to there being a problemo there. . . ("Disabled . ... Unlock your account..." . . . etc.)

boogiewoody said...

Actually B_B it is a replacement link. 10 years ago it would have been a rapidshare link. Rapidshare, divshare (for streamed audio), the original megaupload - these are programs I used to rely on which have vanished, leaving gaps in the blog. Photobucket changed its service without any warning - they started charging a premium rate for hosting photos on blogs, etc. That's why there are these "notes" from that outfit. I was already paying a small charge for my photobucket account but I refuse to be held to ransom. I stopped uploading to photobucket years ago, so the more recent posts are still intact.