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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Bucking the trend ...

It's not often that we can hail the opening of a new record shop these days, so here's a sight to gladden the eyes of vinyl hunters in the South Side of Glasgow. It's a new record shop just opened in Shawlands Arcade in the premises formerly occupied by the much missed Salvation Sounds, and appropriately, if rather prosaically, called Southside Records. It might seem rather a dull name but the South Side is always overshadowed by the City Centre and the trendy West End, so three cheers for a business that's proud to fly the flag for Glasgow's forgotten half.

They've just started out, so the stock isn't exactly hoaching with rare R&B or jazz or rock and roll, but there's still a few gems. I picked up a copy of a Dutch bootleg LP on the Sundown label, "Suckin' and Blowin': Harmonica Blues" with tracks by both Sonny Boy Williamsons, Papa Lightfoot, Jerry McCain, George Smith, Long Gone Miles (I'd never heard of him, but what a name), and others. Good condition and good sound quality. Here's a few more shots of the interior:

My thanks to the extremely pleasant staff who gave permission for the photo session and my apologies for the quality of the shots. I've just started out on this digital SLR malarkey and I'm still basically on point and click. Although I try to maintain an ad free blog, I think I'll make an exception here, especially as they've got a nice vinylistic flyer. Oh, and they sell CDs and DVDs and books and stuff too.

By the way, that Doors double LP "Absolutely Live" was my favourite album for many years. I don't think it was ever issued as a CD. Many's the time I grossed out the neighbours with repeated drunken loud plays of "When the Music's Over", usually followed by the Velvet Undergound's "Venus in Furs" and "Heroin." Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.


Anonymous said...

You lucky bliters!!

Lynchie from Ehburdeen said...

Good to see Glesca keeping the vinyl tradition alive. Hope they do well on the Southside.

Arra best - Lynchie fae Ehburdeen

boogiewoody said...

Fit like, Lynchie fae Furryboots City? I bet nobody in the States understands that!

EXPO67 said...

New vinyl shops are rarer than a Fleur de Lys 45 these days.
There used to be a thriving scene of vinyl shops in Newcastle but in the past 10 years they've bit the dust one by one.
Even the famed bi-annual Newcastle Record Fair stopped happening in the late 90s although I do believe it's coming back this month.
Personally, I can't be arsed to flick through lines of records anymore. I'd rather use ebay or other online sources.

Of course, good luck to Southside Records.


teekay said...


worth a visit from Geordie-land?

would love it if you would post that Southland album


teekay said...

hi again

sorry meant Sundown album!!!!

Troy McClure said...

Hi Woody, I have one track by LONG GONE MILES called Hello Josephine. You can find it on the DOWNTOWN ROCKIN' AT THE STRIP TEASE CLUB 500 record (click here, for instance). The record itself is worth a listen, if not two...

If I had vynil shops close to me I would spend the whole salary, so I guess I' happy for not having them around.

boogiewoody said...

Not sure if it's worth travelling all the way from Tyneside. Mind you I only checked out the blues and jazz stuff of which there wasn't much. Perhaps the stock will build up as the shop becomes more established.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the link Troy. On the Lp there are 2 Long Gone Miles tracks - Hello Josephine and Little Sweet Thing. Maybe I should post it!

simon Smith said...

... yeah that Doors live album is great. But the post-Jim 'Full Circle' next to it is a right stinker!

Anonymous said...

"hoaching" - Great word I never knew.
I'm gonna try and use it in a sentence tomorrow.

boogiewoody said...

Nine years on, and the Shawlands Arcade is now fair hoachin' wi' empty shops, including this one. Long gone.