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Saturday 25 September 2010

Earl, Earl, wo bist du?

Well that "Lovin' Honey" cover seems to have taken us a bit nearer to the elusive Earl Bostic LP cover, judging by the reaction of our seeker after the long lost cover shot of her sister -

Wow! That one made me do a double take! I am 99% sure it is not my sis, but you kinda see now what I am looking for. When she gets back to town I will double check with her if that is her posing.

Don't forget that the main album I am looking for has only HALF of her face on the left side.....

A regular correspondent of the blog has sent in a link to the rest of the covers in this series. It turns out that they're a collection of CDs by "Pan American Recordings" which are compilations of mainly rockabilly sides with a sprinkling of R&B, hence the Bostic track on this particular example.

The CD covers use what are obviously original 1950s photos of rather attractive young ladies. Luckily for all our sensitivities "Lovin' Honey" is a comparatively respectable cover when set beside most of the rest of the series. I had no idea that such things went on back then. My idea of 1950s America is mostly drawn from old episodes of the "Phil Silvers Show." I have to admit that the ladies on those CD covers all appear to be in excellent health. People must have had more nutritious diets back then.

Please keep searching, oh my fellow R&B fans. Perhaps the mystery will be solved soon ...

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