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Friday, 17 September 2010

Still Desperately Seeking Earl

Well chums, it looks like the quest for the Earl Bostic LP covers has hit a dead end. Thank you to everyone who has emailed or commented. Our seeker after the Earl Bostic LPs which feature her sister on the cover has sent in a few more details after I passed on some of your suggestions to her:

can't thank you enough for the effort you are putting into this! Neither of those covers are my sister.
The main one I am looking for has a large shot of half her face - the left side if I remember correctly. She is kinda looking up in a Lauren Bacall come-hither expression. Her hair is long and dark and possibly with a reddish cast.
The flapper cover shows my sister and possibly 2 other women sitting on a piano.
Don't feel too disappointed if you have no luck with this. I have been looking ever since I signed on to the internet! It is peculiar though that these albums seem to have disappeared.

We can safely say that none of the covers shown below are the ones that are being sought:

However, it was a grand excuse for uploading a few babelicious covers! If anyone out there can help in the search for the mysterious record sleeves, please get in touch via the blog email or the comments.


from Doc Rock ... could the gal on the front cover of this compilation LP be the one we're all looking for?


Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

i did leave a comment about this before , and frankly i think this may just be the one...
The problem i think, is that it;'s not an Earl Bostic album Per Se, but rather a Compilation LP that he's on...
I found a scan, if a small one.. of 'Lovin Honey'

HTH... Doc

boogiewoody said...

Thanks for the scan, Doc. It doesn't quite answer the description, but the girl does look remarkably like a young Lauren Bacall. I wonder if this is from the same photo shoot? I've emailed it on to our lady correspondent ... here's hoping ...