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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Buddy Lucas and Jesse Powell

Almost at the end of the quick survey of 1950s NYC rock 'n' roll / R&B sax players. The "Gone All Stars" were led by Buddy Lucas who was a pretty ubiquitous figure on the New York recording scene, playing on many sessions for Jubilee, Groove, Savoy and a multiplicity of small labels. As well as leading his own groups, Buddy recorded with the Orioles, Little Anthony, Frankie Lymon, Edna McGriff, Little Willie John among many, many others.

Joan K supplied the rips and scans from the "Dancin' Bandstand" EP plus the "7-11" single. The original post (from 2008) is situated here:

The new download link for "Dancin' Bandstand" plus "7-11" is:

Jesse Powell, like Buddy Lucas, recorded on many rock 'n' roll / R&B sessions for NYC based labels such as Jubilee and Josie, being especially associated with recordings by The Cadillacs. El Enmascarado supplied the Jubilee LP "Blow Man Blow" which despite its rousing title is a collection of ballad performances by Jesse.

The original post is here:

The download link for "Blow Man Blow" is here:

I put together a home made compilation of rockin' tracks by Jesse Powell, entitled "The R&B Years". The original post is here:

The download link is here:

I was pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction to that quick "knock off" post. Sometimes spontaneous posts are much more successful than posts that are weeks or even months in the planning!

Still to come - Freddie Mitchell. He'll be along soon, honest!

1 comment:

KL from NYC said...

Thank you again Boogiewoodie & Joan for the Gone EP -- it got lost in a crash, but now I've got it back.
I tried deciphering the footprints on the Chalypso diagram in one of the American Bandstand books, but I can't figure them out.