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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tiny Bradshaw LPs and those mighty 78s

It seems fitting to post the new links to 2 Tiny Bradshaw LPs as three of our recently featured tenor sax men had spells in his band - Red Prysock, Sil Austin and Noble Watts.

The main post on Tiny is about the King LP "A Tribute To The Late Tiny Bradshaw, The Great Composer." This magnificent post which is guaranteed to treble your brainpower, increase your vocabulary tenfold and transform you into the hippest character in your neighbourhood (if you aren't already) can be found here:

Not only do you get a fantastic LP to download, you also get biographical details and a pile of scans of labels and EP covers from Joan.

For those of you with a short attention span or who are already at the top of the hipness scale, the new download link for "The Great Composer" is:

Tiny Bradshaw The Great Composer (Mega)

The Krazy Kat LP "Stomping Room Only" can be found at:

There is some duplication of tracks with "The Great Composer" but there are enough dynamite extras such as "T-99" and "Walk That Mess" to make it well worth your while downloading both albums.

The new download link for "Stomping Room Only" is:

Tiny Bradshaw Stomping Room Only (Mega)

We mustn't forget 3 superb 78s that El Emascarado ripped and sent in. These posts are well worth investigating for the streaming audio, label shots, and insights of El Enmascarado ( a real musician as well as failed Mexican wrestler). These posts can be found at:

Well Oh Well / I Hate You

South of the Orient / Later

Walkin' The Chalk Line / Bradshaw Boogie

These tracks were featured in the downloadable series "Jump & Jive On 78".


Anonymous said...

There's always something exciting happening at the Be Bop Wino's pad!! The original Tiny post is so informative that I'm assured of my transformation "into the hippest character in [my] neighbourhood".



Unknown said...

I haven't read your blog in so long. Last time I had, I was worried that you weren't gonna be as active anymore and then I come back here after listening to an Eddie Vinson tune to find that you've posted all this cool stuff this year. I got plenty of catching up to do thanks to you. :)

Thanks so much for everything here.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks Robert. Glad you're enjoying the new stuff. More to come!