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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Red Prysock LPs

On with the Big Beat honkfest! In this post we feature updates to previous Red Prysock posts, especially the revamped "Cryin' My Heart Out" Saxophonograph LP. For a little bit of fun I thought I'd come up with a new front cover which is more "in period" as it utilizes a 1940s photo of Red with Tiny Grimes in New York. The real cover and label artwork is below.

The original (improved) "Cryin' My Heart Out" post is here:

Download "Cryin' My Heart Out" from here:

An anonymous donor sent in "The Big Sound Of Red Prysock" which is a 1964 LP on the budget Forum Circle label. The original post is here: 

I can't find any discographical information on this release but having listened to it earlier today I can say that "Castle Rock" is one of the best honk tracks I've ever heard.

Download "The Big Sound Of Red Prysock" from here:

Back in 2010, Jeff sent in a copy of the Sil Austin v Red Prysock sax duel LP, "Battle Royal." You can read the original post with comments from Jeff here:

Download "Battle Royal" from here:

Coming soon - more New York honk with Sil Austin, Buddy Lucas and Freddie Mitchell.


Daddy Cool said...

Album was released in 1964. Forum Circle was either owned or affiliated to Roulette so the probability is that these are unissued Roulette recordings from 1963/64.
An oddity - I have a scan with the label shown as Parliament - Pop Series and number as PAK-EE but also showing Forum matrix SF-9083-A

boogiewoody said...

Thanks, Daddy Cool. I wonder if somewhere there is a record of who is playing with Red on these tracks.