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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Chess Doo-Wop Re-upped

Side 1:
01. White Cliffs Of Dover - The Bluejays
02. Darling I Know - The El-Rays
03. Shoo Doo Be Doo (My Loving Baby) - The Moonlighters
04. Newly Wed - The Orchids
05. Show Me The Way - The Five Notes
06. Give Me (A Simple Prayer) - The Ravens
07. Nadine - The Coronets
08. Ding Dong - The Quintones

Side 2:
01. 4 O'Clock In The Morning - The Tornadoes
02. I Want To Love - The Sentimentals
03. Teardrops - Lee Andrews & The Hearts
04. Soft Shadows - The Monotones
05. I'm So Young - The Students
06. So Far Away - The Pastels
07. This Broken Heart - The Sonics
08. False Alarm - The Ravels

Download from here:

Original drunken post (26th December 2011) here:

Having restored The Moonglows to the blog, it seemed fitting to resurrect the Chess Doo-Wop collection. The original post is a fine demonstration of the art of music blogging while lying semi-comatose on the deck. Note that Dean Martin once said, "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on."

The Moonlighters were really The Moonglows going under another name. And The Ravens make an over-the-top appearance after their turn on the recently re-upped "Whoppers!" Jubilee compilation. And that's Gene Ammons on sax on track 1 "The White Cliffs Of Dover", which should attract the attention of the tenor sax crowd. Now where's the booze?


teddy cat baz said...

ta boogiewoody m8

Zesty said...

A lovely collection. For me, a mixture of songs familiar and unknown. (Including one song by The Monotones, and it isn't "Book of Love"!)

boogiewoody said...

Cheers Zesty. I'm delighted that the link to this LP is still live!