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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Good Old 99 / Fried Chicken - The Marylanders (Jubilee 5114)

Issued March, 1953. Personnel: Buster Banks (tenor) - lead on "Good Old 99"; Johnny Paige (tenor) - lead on "Fried Chicken"; David Jones (baritone); Henry Abrams (bass); Tommy Bonds (guitar). Band - Buddy Lucas (tenor sax) with unknown accompaniment.

These were the sides by The Marylanders that were originally intended to appear on the "Boppin'" compilation featured in the previous post. They were withdrawn at the last minute and replaced with tracks by The Teardrops. The change in the tracklist came after the LP cover and record labels had already been printed and so the absent Marylanders were wrongly credited with being on the album.

Billboard review of the original single release of these sides, April 4th 1953:

The Marylanders were a Baltimore vocal group who started as a gospel group before moving to R&B in the late 1940s. They were signed to Jubilee Records in early 1952 but only had 3 records released on the label: "I'm A Sentimental Fool" / "Sittin' By The River" in April 1952; "Make Me Thrill Again" / "Please Love Me" in August 1952, and "Good Old 99" / "Fried Chicken" in March 1953.

When their Jubilee contract was not renewed the group broke up, but a slightly different lineup started doing business as The New Marylanders. For the full story go to (you've guessed it!) Marv Goldberg's website here:

Thanks to Joan K for Marylanders label scans.

There's one more Jubilee vocal group comp to be re-upped. Stay tuned! Don't move that dial!

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