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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Amos Milburn - Vicious Vicious Vodka (re-up)

Side A:
01. Vicious Vicious Vodka
02. Long Long Day
03. Juice, Juice, Juice
04. Anybody's Blues
05. Tears, Tears, Tears
06. Money Hustlin' Woman
07. Birmingham Bounce

Side B:
01. Rum And Coca-Cola
02. Soft Pillow
03. Thinking Of You Baby
04. My Luck Is Bound To Change
05. Blue And Lonesome
06. Walkin' Blues
07. In The Middle Of The Night

Download from:

Original post (December 11th, 2010) is here:

The original post in which I reminisce about hearing The Big Town Playboys  perform "In The Middle Of The Night" in Edinburgh about 25 years ago. Tempus fugit ... and it certainly did for Amos Milburn, a giant of 1940s and early 1950s Rhythm and Blues, whose star faded so rapidly in the wake of the rise of rock and roll.

If you want an insight into the various stages of Amos' career with Aladdin, then "Vicious Vicious Vodka" is the collection for you. There's superb 1940s blues tracks with Amos on piano and husky vocals accompanied by the tasteful sax of Maxwell Davis, there's the early-to-mid 50s booze anthems, and there's a few late 1950s attempts to come to terms with the changing musical tastes of the record buying public. There's even a rare example of a live R&B cut in "Birmingham Bounce."

The back cover has interesting in-depth notes by Hank Davis and Colin Escott. Definitely one for the virtual record shelves of blues 'n' booze hounds the wide world over.


Mouldysauerkraut said...

Thank you for the Milburn album. So sad to think that so many artists with a unique style, voice and/or original way to play an instrument had a quick carrer ending because of musical trends history. Booze didn't help him as some other topic helped Andre Williams. Sounds like Bad Bad Whiskey, another great great rythm and blues song.

boogiewoody said...

The chapter in Nick Tosches' book "Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll" on Amos makes for sad reading as it's obvious he had severe health problems due to alcohol. Ironic, considering that his biggest hits included songs like "Bad Bad Whiskey" and "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer."

teddy cat baz said...

great stuff thanx