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Sunday 4 September 2016

The Dells - Rockin' On Bandstand

Side 1:
01. Jo-Jo
02. Zing, Zing, Zing
03. I Can't Help Myself **
04. Dance, Dance, Dance
05. Baby Do *
06. Time Makes You Change
07. Wedding Day
08. Oh What A Nite

Side 2:
01. Come On Baby *
02. At The Bandstand *
03. Cherry Bee *
04. Swinging Teens
05. Baby Open Up Your Heart
06. Restless Days, Sleepless Nights *
07. I Can't Dream *
08. I Wanna Go Home

* = previously unissued tracks
** = unissued in the 1950s

Download from here:

In response to a request for more doo-wop, here, for the first time on this blog, is a fine as wine 1983 Charly compilation of mostly uptempo Vee-Jay sides from The Dells. They were a long-lived group, recording and performing until 2012. As ever when it comes to vocal group history the go-to place is Marv Goldberg's website. His article on The Dells is here:

This collection includes their biggest 1950s R&B hit "Oh What A Night" and 7 tracks which were unreleased back in the 1950s. It's rhythm and blues meets rock 'n' roll and is well worth a listen especially for the great instrumental backing.

Release details of the nine tracks on this LP which were given a single release in the 1950s / early 1960s:

Zing, Zing, Zing: B-Side of Dreams of Contentment, Vee-Jay 166, December 1955

Oh What A Nite / Jo-Jo: Vee-Jay 204, July 1956

I Wanna Go Home: B-Side of Movin' On, Vee-Jay 230, December 1956

Dance, Dance, Dance: B-Side of Why Do You Have To Go, Vee-Jay 236, February 1957

Time Makes You Change: B-Side of Pain In My Heart, Vee-Jay 258, October 1957

Wedding Day: b/w My Best Girl, Vee-Jay 300, November 1958

Baby, Open Up Your Heart: B-Side of Dry Your Eyes, Vee-Jay 324, September 1959

Swinging Teens: b/w Hold On To What You've Got, Vee-Jay 376, March 1961


OldBopper said...

Some good rock & roll from the Dells. Appreciate this rare record.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

boogiewoody said...

Cheers, folks. Doo-wop has been neglected recently on the blog. Glad to see this LP getting downloaded so much.

christophe said...

Fantastic as usual. A big thanks.

Chi-Town said...

Great post BW. Thank you very much. My hometown guys never sounded better. More doo-wop would certainly be appreciated.


Tony aka Pismotality said...

Great to see this. I became aware of the Dells via a DJM double album called Cornered bought in, of all places, Biggars circa late seventies. For me, one of the greatest doo wop groups. They recorded some wonderful ballads including Sweet Dreams of Contentment and Tell the World, the latter both extremely primitive (one of their first Vee Jay recordings, I believe) and touching.

boogiewoody said...

Thanks, Mr Pismotality. That's Biggars in Sauchiehall Street? Good grief that takes me back. Cuthbertson's was nearby too Sauchiehall Street /Cambridge street I think - I remember buying Bowie's "Starman" in there.

BTW your blog is outstanding. Will add to my blog list on here.

Tony aka Pismotality said...

Thank you. And yes, it was Biggars in Sauchiehall Street. They had several copies going cheap. DJM licensed stuff from Springboard International, who had lots of Vee Jay material as well as Scepter/Wand. I have written a post specifically about finding that album: