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Sunday 13 October 2019

Aladdin 14 Magic Lamps

Face A:
01) I Ain't Drunk - Jimmy Liggins
02) Doo Dob Sha Bam - The Spence Sisters
03) New Orleans Hop - Monte Easter
04) Shtiggy Boom - Patti Anne
05) Way Down Boogie - Harold Burrage
06) Smack Smack - Marvin & Johnny
07) Yak A Dak - Chuck Higgins

Face B:
01) Maggie's Boogie - Peppermint Harris
02) Doodle Doodle Doo - Gene & Eunice
03) Chuck A Buck - Chuck Higgins
04) John, John - Aggie Dukes
05) No One Can Love You Like I Do - Skinny Dinamo
06) Go Ahead - Joe Liggins
07) If I Were A Itty Bitty Girl - Velma Nelson

Here's the second early 1980s Pathe Marconi compilation of Aladdin sides, the follow up to "Aladdin's Rock'n Roll Sock Hop." Like its predecessor, this LP was originally posted on Be Bop Wino in 2008 with incomplete cover scans and now makes its comeback with all-new, complete scans of front and back covers plus disc label scans. There is also a folder with some single label scans provided by Joan.

And what makes this post a delight is that I don't have to do any trawling through Billboard, The Cash Box, or to dig out the fax on these tracks, jack, because the sleeve notes by Colin Escott not only detail recording dates and original issue numbers, they also give the issue dates of these platters that once mattered. And so download and dig this selection of Aladdin jump, R&B and rock 'n' roll tracks and peruse the arcane knowledge imparted on the back cover.

There are no big hits here but there are memorable tracks by Jimmy Liggins, Velma Nelson and the unique Aggie Dukes whom we met a couple of posts ago where she warbled through "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac" accompanied by Buddy Collette on flute. Both are back on the similarly eccentric "John John." Solid!

Of note - a number of nonsense titles such as "Yak A Dak" and "Doo Dob Sha Bam." Post literate titles for a post literate age. Hubba hubba.

Thanks to Joan for the scans of singles featured in this short series of Aladdin posts and to Marv for kicking this short Aladdin season off with his Score LP contribution.


Anonymous said...

thanks for good rhythm once again.
Also best wishes to Joan & Marv for
contributions, as I havent always
remembered to mention them too.
Everything is appreciated.
- Jay from the North.

Chi-Town said...

Thanks BW, Joan and Marv. Excellent !!