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Tuesday 8 October 2019

Rock'n Roll Sock Hop (Score SLP-4018)

Side 1:
01) Rockin' With The Clock - Shirley & Lee
02) Hootchy Kootchy - Gene & Eunice
03) The One I Love - Little Wilbur & The Pleasers
04) Yak, Yak - Marvin & Johnny
05) Swing Low Sweet Cadillac Part I & II - Aggie Dukes

Side 2:
01) Lets Get Together And Rock And Roll - Gene & Eunice
02) The Flirt - Shirley & Lee
03) Pretty Eyes - Marvin & Johnny
04) P B Baby - Little Wilbur & The Pleasers
05) Midnight Mover Groover - Crawford Brothers
06) Midnight Happenins - Crawford Brothers

Many thanks to Marv for reconstructing this Score LP which was originally issued in March 1958. And a big thank you to Joan for purchasing and ripping Aladdin single 3381, which was the only way to obtain "The One I Love" by Wilbur Whitfield and The Pleasers, or Little Wilbur & The Pleasers as they are credited on this LP.

Aladdin Records subsidiary label Score was used for issuing budget priced LPs. The Billboard Magazine issue of 31st March 1958 lists this LP plus several other Score LPs on its Long Play Albums page, under the heading "Pop - low priced." Among other Score issues of Aladdin material listed in that issue were albums by Lynn Hope, Lightnin' Hopkins, Billie Holiday, Lloyd Glenn and Shirley & Lee. The recommended retail price of each album was $3.98.

When this compilation was issued, its tracks were all fairly recent, having originally been issued on singles during 1956 and 1957. Most of the material is indeed "rock'n roll" with the sides by Shirley & Lee, Gene and Eunice, Marvin & Johnny, and Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers all obviously aimed at the youth market.

However, how to explain the Aggie Dukes stoned two-parter version of "Swing Low Sweet Cadillac"? It's one of the weirdest records I've heard! Dig that crazy flute playing by Buddy Collette! The two sides by the Crawford Brothers are heavy duty growling sax bump and grind. All in all an interesting mix of tracks for the clean cut young dancers depicted on the record sleeve.

Tracks Originally Issued On The Following Singles:

Shirley & Lee - The Flirt / Rockin' With The Clock - Aladdin 3390 - August 1957

Gene and Eunice - I'll Never Believe In You / Hootchy-Kootchy - Aladdin 3315 - March 1956

Gene and Eunice - Let's Get Together / I'm So In Love With You - Aladdin 3321 - June 1956

Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers - P. B. Baby / The One I Love - Aladdin 3381 - May 1957

Marvin & Johnny - Pretty Eyes / Yak-Yak - Aladdin 3371 - April 1957

Aggie Dukes - Swing Low Sweet Cadillac Part I / Swing Low Sweet Cadillac Part II - Aladdin 3364 - March 1957

Crawford Brothers - Midnight Mover Groover / Midnight Happenins - Aladdin 3375 - May 1957

Thanks to original uploaders of the artwork and some of the sound files used here, and of course thanks again to Marv and Joan. More Aladdin sides on the way soon!


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this BW, and everybody who contributed towards this.

Billy K said...

I don't say it nearly enough... this blog is unparalleled. Thank you.

boogiewoody said...

Aw shucks! My thanks to the contributors to Be Bop Wino who are so important in making it what it is.