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Thursday, 10 October 2019

Aladdin's Rock'n Roll Sock Hop

Side 1:
01) P.B. Baby - Little Wilbur & The Pleasers
02) I'm Out To Get You - Thurston Harris
03) Rockin' With The Clock - Shirley & Lee
04) Hey Lawdy, Miss Claudie - Calvin Boze
05) I'm So In Love With You - Gene & Eunice
06) Purple Stew - Thurston Harris
07) Rockin' At Cosmo's - Lee Allen

Side 2:
01) Little Mama - The Jivers
02) Flim Flam - Gene & Eunice
03) Bow Wow - Amos Milburn
04) Runk Bunk - Thurston Harris
05) Move It Over Baby - Gene & Eunice
06) Let's Get Together - Gene & Eunice
07) Good Time Sue - Calvin Boze

As a follow up to the Score "Rock'n Roll Sock Hop" LP, we just have to go with the 1980s Pathe Marconi compilation "Aladdin's Rock'n Roll Sock Hop" which turns out to be a very different album. I first uploaded this LP to Be Bop Wino back in 2008, along with its companion volume "Aladdin 14 Magic Lamps." Both posts disappeared in the great takedown of 2009 and although I had a back up archive, I didn't repost because of the poor quality cover scans.

Now the LPs make their return in 2019 (inspired by Marv's post of the Score LP) complete with brand new Be Bop Wino standard cover scans. Same sound files, though. It's a good listen - Aladdin never did quite come to terms with the rock'n roll revolution in my opinion as they lacked the big star which some of the other indy labels had, e.g. Little Richard at Specialty, Fats Domino and Ricky Nelson at Imperial, Chuck Berry at Chess, The Drifters, Ray Charles, Chuck Willis and others at Atlantic. Nevertheless Aladdin put out some good rock and roll material before being taken over by Imperial.

This comp was also my introduction to Calvin Boze whose Louis Jordan style jumpin' jive seems somewhat out of place here. The same can be said in spades for Amos Milburn's "Bow Wow" which is a rather chaotic instrumental first released as the B-Side of "Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby" in 1949. What on Earth is it doing on this album? It sounds like it's been beamed in from another planet or even another galaxy.

Original Issue Details

Wilbur Whitfield And The Pleasers - P.B. Baby / The One I Love - Aladdin 3381 - May 1957

Thurston Harris - I'm Out To Getcha' / Be Baba Leba - Aladdin 3415 - March 1958

Thurston Harris - Purple Stew / I Hear A Rhapsody (Thurston Harris and The Masters, Rufus Hunter featured vocalist) - Aladdin 3440 - November 1958

Thurston Harris - Bless Your Heart / Runk Bunk - Aladdin 3452 - April 1959

Shirley & Lee - The Flirt / Rockin' With The Clock - Aladdin 3390 - August 1957

Calvin Boze - My Friend Told Me / Hey Lawdie, Miss Claudie - Aladdin 3122 - February 1952

Calvin Boze - Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business / Good Time Sue - Aladdin 3132 - May 1952

Gene and Eunice - This Is My Story / Move It Over, Baby - Aladdin 3282 - March 1955

Gene and Eunice - Flim Flam / Can We Forget It - Aladdin 3292 - July 1955

Gene and Eunice - Let's Get Together / I'm So In Love With You - Aladdin 3321 - June 1956

Lee Allen - Rockin' At Cosmo's / Shimmy - Aladdin 3334 - September 1956

The Jivers - Little Mama / Cherie - Aladdin 3329 - August 1956

Amos Milburn - Let's Make Christmas Merry, Baby / Bow Wow - Aladdin 3037 - October 1949

- All discographical information from

Thanks to Joan for the Aladdin 45rpm scans. These and some more scans by Joan are included in the download.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks BW. I may have this from the previous post, not certain, but just took it again in case. Anyway, lots of good solid R&B here.

Anonymous said...

"What on Earth is [Bow Wow] doing on this album? It sounds like it's been beamed in from another planet or even another galaxy."

It does, doesn't it? Perhaps chosen by how the titles look, not how the tracks sound: 'Flim Flam', 'Bow Wow' and 'Runk Bunk' make a sort of pattern.

boogiewoody said...

I didn't think of that! Stand by for - 'Doo Dob Sha Bam', 'Shtiggy Boom', 'Smack Smack', 'Yak A Dak', 'Doodle Doodle Doo', and 'Chuck A Buck' in the next post ...


Anonymous said...

This blog is such a treasure - thank you so much.

- d.

boogiewoody said...

You're welcome d!